Tips to Build Your Own On-Demand Live Score Mobile App

Tips to Build Your Own On-Demand Live Score Mobile App

Important tips to build a successful live score mobile app

Although there are many sports fans around the world, the latest trends show that fewer people watched the Premier League matches or Word Cup matches on their screens in the last few years. 

In other words, the engagement rates have been steadily dropping for stadium games, and most sports companies in the US claim that these engagement rates are influenced by new technologies and the way the modern generation uses them. 

According to the Sports Business Institute, a majority of sports fans second screen during a match. They are usually looking at replays, checking the scores of other games, or using social networks to boast about attending the game in person. Moreover, generations X and Z prefer consuming digital content to attending games in stadiums. What does this all lead to? 

Sports facility owners and game organizers get less revenue and have to look for new ways to use the facilities at their disposal. The industry is leveraging the power of the best sports apps to hook fans all over the world.

How are the Free Sports Apps Engaging Sports Fans?

Aside from displaying the Score, there are lots of other successful features that apps like DAZN offer. In the mobile-first era, more than one-third of retail sales are now made from smartphones, so fans expect a free sports app to not just apprise them of the score or updates, but also let them buy say a T-shirt with the favorite team’s logo or a ticket to semi-finals. That’s why it’s a great idea to make your app an e-commerce platform for selling merchandise and tickets to sporting events. 

A live-score app is no longer sufficient. Sports fans expect the best sports apps to:

  • Supply users with quality sports content, news, and score updates.
  • Build a welcoming environment where sports fans can interact with each other and with their favorite members of the sports teams.
  • Provide a betting platform where sports fans can place bets on teams and players.
  • Engage gaming fans into fantasy sports.

Some live score update apps concentrate on only one kind of the activities listed above and others try to combine them all to achieve high user engagement. 

Live Streaming Apps

In order to attract more fans, especially millennials who love watching live matches but don’t like going out so much, you can build a sports video streaming app like the ones by Fox and BBC. Aside from live broadcasts, users appreciate these apps for personalized content, which is based on location and other preferences. 

Another option for live broadcasting sports app is through a sports radio app that supplies users with live game coverage and podcasts. The main feature, in this case, will be audio streaming like in the case of NBC Sports Radio app.

No matter if it’s a video or audio streaming, live sports apps try to get more users with the help of exclusive live broadcasts and content that can’t be found in dedicated or aggregator apps. This is why live sports apps are often big media rights owners and look for new opportunities to buy one-of-a-kind content.

Apps that Provide Score Updates

Most of the fans want to stay updated on sports insights but don’t have time to listen to audios, watch videos, or read long blog posts. Sports score apps were built to attract this target audience, providing live scores and game statistics, and notifying users of schedules. If you choose to develop a similar app, your biggest pain points will be creating a custom tool to aggregate and visualize game statistics, implementing a calendar for game schedules, sending push notifications for news, and scheduling reminders.

Tips to Build an On-Demand Live Score Mobile App

Here are some unique twists for sports app enthusiasts to work on in order to create the best sports apps for their users and to stand out among the competition

  • Live streaming is an extremely valuable, yet, challenging feature. While most sporting events are streamed by media companies (including ESPN), using their own apps. You can use one of the popular live streaming platforms to get access to the content. Alternatively, video replays can also be a great addition for sports apps (for those who cannot watch the game live or in its entirety).
  • In addition to traditional social media features, you can add an ability to publish user-generated content or host live streams and Q&A sessions with famous players.
  • You can build a chatbot to complement your app. This handy feature can send live score updates or simply share fun facts and interesting information about the user’s favorite team.
  • You can partner with venues and events and sell tickets to sporting events. In addition to being simply convenient, this is also a great monetization strategy.
  • Other gamification features you can add to your app include activity rating, various quizzes and tasks the user should complete in order to get points or achievements.
  • Augmented reality can help bring your users onto the field or court with their favorite players. This feature is particularly popular with fantasy sports apps, but, depending on the type of an application you have, you can use AR to enrich your user experience in a practically unlimited number of ways.
  • Real-time analytics can give users an idea of which team has the upper hand at any moment. You can use data analytics to display team and player stats in-between games and dynamic forecasts during the season. Real-time analytics is also a must-have in sports betting apps.

As you can see, the future of the sports industry is all about blending in with revolutionizing software solutions. That’s why the sports industry needs mobile apps and you have to keep up with the latest trends in pursuit of high revenue and engagement. A large selection of software and their features are available when creating a sports app for sports enthusiasts which can get a bit overwhelming. However, the tips listed above can help you navigate through your options and create an effective app for your business, which can attract a good audience.