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What is the Need of Automation Testing for Mobile Apps

 16 Dec, 2016

by softprodigy in Software Testing

No software development team would like to see any defect creeping in product during its release. The professionals strive hard to catch the maximum bugs. But, even with the best quality management se

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Software Testing: Learn About Software and Software Testing from the Scratch

 29 Jun, 2016

by softprodigy in Software Testing

Perfect delivery is your master key to ground-breaking success in the world of business. Most of the corporate world is using digital technology/solutions as a key to deliver perfection. Let’s not w

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6 Software Testing Trends 2016 to Keep an Eye On

 02 Feb, 2016

by Editors Desk in Software Testing

2015 has undergone a great evolution on software testing trends in the IT industry services. Also, there has been a drastic increase in the market trends in design, development, testing, quality and d

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Top Trends and Predictions of Software Testing

 23 Jun, 2015

by softprodigy in Software Testing

Last year witnessed procurement and rapid adoption of social media. Brisk advancements in the mobile world and cloud technologies were also noticed. Another improvement was Internet of Things i.e. IOT

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