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Social Networking Sites are Powerful Business Utility

21st century corporate world has entered the era of social media marketing strategies for branding and promoting business on all of the social media platforms available in the world. Interestingly, it has successfully emerged as the most influential and thinking part of any business. It has become indispensable for every company or businessman to devise and deploy effective strategies for adding to your brand recognition through repeated exposure and website traffic to keep your business on top of the industry.

Unfortunately, most of the companies and businessmen still require impactful education about the potential of plans developed for effective marketing on social media platforms. Properly thought-out deployment of an Influential Social Media Marketing strategy can prove to be a big boon and as an extremely powerful marketing utility on strategic front for your company to brand and promote business.

The Words of Wisdom!

Therefore, you are advised to put your best foot forward and chalk-out a result oriented social media marketing strategy to stay on top of your industrial competitors.

Know these must-know social media statistics and the way they impact your business:

Are you also such a businessman who is looking for solid reasons to have a perfect social media marketing strategy in place? You are advised to take a deep breath and relax as we have some serous reasons for you to consider.

  • With 1.65 billion active monthly users produce nearly 4.5 billion likes on daily basis. Creation of 5 new profiles, 510 contents every second and more than 300 million business photo uploads every day by more than 10 million companies is a great Social media marketing strategy to earn unlimited leads to add to your revenue through Facebook viral marketing techniques.
  • LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ collectively have 773 million users across 200 countries in the world. Out of this whopping amount of users more than 500 million users remain active throughout the month. Being one of the largest social media platforms on this planet, these three social media website record the signups and visits of more than 300 million unique visitors every month.
  • Effective application of social media marketing plan on YouTube, instagram and stumble can easily spark lead generation through 4 billion video views and 17000 channels exceeding 100,000 subscribers, globally 85 million regular YouTube visitors and video watchers.

Such amazing facts have an impactful voice deciding the direction of your business to a great deal. You are advised to take a deep breath and be a person with wise head on your shoulder and imagine the benefits of influential social media advertising.

SoftProdigy Is Your Own Social Media Consultancy and Advertising Agency

Being the best social media marketing company since 2006, SoftProdigy has been sincerely focusing on cementing its legacy in the domain of Social Media Marketing. As a part of our dedicated commitment, we put our best foot forward to take your business to the newest level of corporate strength and prosperity. We make sure that the best and reliable practices are firmly implemented to help your business get placed in a position to make the best use of advantages during the two-way neutral conversations between your company and potential clients.

Our social media consultants are heavily loaded with result oriented wealth of proven experience to utilize Facebook or Twitter viral marketing techniques to perfection. We burn midnight oil to ensure that our social media marketing professionals consistently learn about innovations and changes and update their technical skills and knowledge base accordingly.

Delivering the most effective services for social media marketing advertising justifies us as the best social media marketing company the entire industry. We are regarded as the best Indian company providing specifically intended for highlighting every single place where your potential targeting audience is discussing about your company or product. We carefully pay attention towards every detail to spread brand awareness through productive participation in discussions with your potential consumers.

Finally, our team of social media marketing experts comprises of professionals who understand and apply every single technique and approach with great care for successfully exceeding your requirements and satisfaction.

This Is How We Thrive on Your Corporate Prosperity with Our Effective Social Media Marketing Plans

Most of the modern businesses commit the mistake of considering social media marketing as a fantastic tool for winning digital popularity contest by recording many likes, comments, shares, pins, tweets or retweets on all of their social media posts. This is where they suffer and come across business disaster.

Do you want this to happen to your own business? Off course not! Nobody likes business disaster. This is where we play our part and help your business beat competition, go viral, and earn very positive ratings and customer reviews and many more advantages through considerably cost-effective services for social media marketing advertising across every famous social media platform in the world.

We are an undisputed Social media marketing champion because of...

  • Undisputed industrial leadership loaded with the gold of proven experience for over a decade.
  • Focus on exceeding your business requirements, expectations and delight with increase in traffic and leads.
  • Thorough assimilation of social media strategies, application techniques and approaches.
  • Application of Skype and e-mail for updating you about every single project update for open communication and better understanding of your needs.
  • Fully trained and focused professionals for completing the job to perfection to help you build strong trust, credibility, and brand equity for growing long term relationship with your target audience.
  • Availability of dedicated social media consultants offering unmatched commitment to answer your queries.
  • Effective and affordable social media advertising services for improvement in sales, customer reputation, search rankings and increase in blog traffic.
  • Your content go viral with ease to ensure retargeting and increase in e-mail subscribers.

Solid Reasons to Hire Us for Never-Stopping Corporate Prosperity

We champion the application of every innovative, technically strong, proven and effective social media marketing technique and strategy. Our social media consultants stress on analyzing your target market and business goals.

Most importantly, we take pride in delivering the highest level of professional finesse in our services to ensure that your business reaches its progressive peak. Our services are very much affordable and flexible for all kinds of businesses to help them achieve their corporate prosperity without having to flex their muscles for heavy financial investment.

The Best Social Media Advertising Services for Securing Your Corporate Prosperity

  • Perfectly thought-out implementation of social media marketing plan.
  • Flawless community management and administrative standards.
  • Social media advertising on YouTube, Instagram, StumpleUpon, Tumblr and almost across every major social media platform.
  • Search Engine optimization on LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • High quality content development, publication and management.
  • Productive measurement of social media.
  • Fully managed and customized partnerships.
  • customized social network marketing services
  • Deep social research and listening.
  • Sharing of all kinds of business content on Google+, twitter and Pinterest.

Our Social Network Marketing Consultants

We value your investment of hard-earned money and valuable time. Therefore, our focus remains on linking trending social media techniques to your branding and other important business targets. We make sure that our focus remains on applying effective Facebook marketing techniques and also on launching and managing Pinterest marketing campaigns for generating leads to convert them into profitable sales for your business.

The expertise of our social network marketing consultants in the domain of evaluating user engagement in your posts speaks volumes about their experience because they know the fact that brand metrics such as awareness, intent and preference can affect your business and objectives significantly.

We have that much needed professional capability to segment and magnify every conversation for organizing perfectly integrated campaigns for boosting user engagement and many other aspects critical to the progress and survival of your business in this digital era.

This is how we attract the tidal waves of traffic to your website from the ocean of social media platforms using impactful social media marketing strategies.

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