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Technology has blessed us with a very strong digital platform. Emails hold a significant place among the rest of platforms. Though various other modes of digital communication have evolved with time, but email still rules the world. The statistical figures are expected to be huge and they actually are.

  • At present there are approximately 5 billion email accounts and the number is predicted to increase exponentially in the coming years.
  • A report says that email is almost 40 times better than some social media platforms at acquiring new customers

Successful email marketing campaigns are the key to a new or even mature business to capture much higher number of leads.

Who We Are

A Look at Our Proven Strategies

A Brief Description

We have kept ourselves abreast with the changing requirements of the professional world. This is something that has kept us growing. The digital platform is a zone that we have mastered. The vast scope of getting in touch with the prospective customers via emails has made us to incorporate these in our strategies. We are full time professionals in providing a boost to your business through impressive and eloquent mails.

Our approach stays in line to generate the most convincing emails that represent your services in the best possible way. Our result driven strategies include:

  • Mining of prospects
  • Extensive research about leads
  • Target specific email design
  • Developing credible emails through impeccable writers
  • Focused on reflecting client’s business in the best way
  • Frequency specific as per lead type
  • Time-sensitive execution of services
  • Effective communication

To conclude, email marketing has opened vast channels to approach directly to the target audience. As far as our services are concerned, SoftProdigy has proved to be an experienced partner in constructing an easy way for clients to reach out to their respective leads.

A Complete Package

Our services are focused to cover the vast digital platform. In our league to cover every aspect we have also outshone as providers of social media marketing services. Click here to view in detail.

Your Most Profitable Means of Marketing

Digital has peeped into almost each and every corner of the world. Email account holders are growing at an explosive growth. It has become an inseparable part of life. Though it has benefitted the users, it has also provided a very convenient channel for various business to get access to individual user. An insight into facts that make email marketing services a must implemented strategy for your success:

  • Direct access to prospect:
    With just a click you can land in to your target user’s inbox. What else can be quicker and more convenient? That personal touch and greetings in emails work wonderfully to engage the target.
  • Lower investment:
    A credible email is going to save a heck of your money. There are various other expensive modes of marketing such as campaigns, seminars, conferences. But a strong email is just going to solve the purpose in no time.
  • Immediate response:
    The benefit of accessibility is for both receiver as well as the sender. As the sender can immediate get in touch with the recipient, the recipient if gets convinced can also start conversation directly through mail. You can send multiple mails in no time to a number of targets in a short span of time.
  • Targeted marketing:
    What worked for one slot of leads might not work for the next slot. The target audience can be segmented on the basis of various parameters. These can be age, geographical location, economical status etc. Thus the mails can be segmented as per target recipient to get desired response.
  • Easily trackable:
    A best email marketing company can easily track through certain analytics, bounce messages, un-subscribers, click-throughs. Thus can be analyzed to look for positive, negative or no response. You can also shortlist your prospects who go for subscription and can approach them accordingly.
  • No geographical restrictions:
    Since emails can be sent without any delay to any part of the world. Thus it gives an opportunity to propagate at a global platform. And any aspiring business would love to grow global.

Stay Ahead With SoftProdigy

SoftProdigy has evolved to be the among the best email marketing companies. We incorporate our experience along with technology, innovation and skilled experts to deliver perfect marketing solutions. We are experts in igniting conversation through successful email marketing campaigns. We understand the importance of segmentation for more productive results and thus keep on re-designing our strategies. The returns that the clients have managed to receive in the past through our services have made them to repeat us happily for various requirements.

Digital has peeped into almost each and every corner of the world. On one hand the platform has provided a large area to aim but on the other hand it has made the right usage a big challenge. We are well versed with various techniques to decide the email frequency that is required to be sent to various groups for lead generation. We drive the prospect to your website through smooth sailing of the important data specific to his interest. We implement B2B email marketing best practices for intense promotion your products and services. Your success is our motivation.

Your desirous partner for top email marketing services is right here.

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