As the competition is becoming fierce and the number of e-commerce stores is skyrocketing, one needs the best-in-class technology to stand out. For optical stores out there, it’s almost impossible to ignore the importance of augmented reality (AR). Today, there are several virtual try-on plugins available in the market that make use of AR to create an improved shopping experience. You are going to learn about one such plugin today in this blog post. 


magento virtual try on glasses extension


Magento Virtual Try-on Extension – Built for Ambitious Eyewear Businesses  

If you are busy growing your eyewear business, you will definitely need the virtual try-on extension for your eyewear store. Why? Because it’s nothing like anything - a great way to sell your optical products and accessories in a realistic manner. It’s a dynamic eyewear solution to help your store display customized virtual try mirrors according to the details entered by the customer. Here are the benefits of the Virtual Try-on Extension for Magento2.

  • Lower Returns

With the Magento Virtual Try-on Eyeglasses Extension, customers are less likely to return products. They can try the product before they buy it. So, there will be no more costly returns on your website. Installing the virtual try-on plugin will allow your customers to try on different products in different styles, shapes, and colors.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience

Eliminate the hassle of dressing up and driving to the eyewear store to buy the perfect eyeglass. Integrate your store with Magento Virtual Try-on extension and allow your customers to shop from the comfort of their couch. With this plugin, they can actually visualize themselves in a new pair of glasses while wearing their current pair. Let them try-on multiple pairs all at once.

  • Improved Product Guidance

The Magento Virtual Try-on Extension allows you to suggest similar items based on the product details and properties of the customer. It, therefore, improves your sales on desired products and assists shoppers in their buying journey.

  • Quick Decision-Making

Because you are eliminating decision paralysis with the help of the virtual try-on extension, your customers would be able to make fast buying decisions. Ultimately, they will become happier and more satisfied with the purchase.

  • Boost Sales

You know, you can raise your conversion rate and gain more attention with the virtual try-on extension. This is an innovative solution that makes online shopping fun and intuitive. So, get ready to create an interactive shopping experience for your valuable customers.

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