Magento has turned out to be the most used eCommerce development platform with a lot of functionalities and benefits for both the sellers and the buyers. Not only does this platform possess excellent features, but also is constantly aimed at improving itself. And its advanced version (Magento2) is the greatest step that has a series of benefits over its predecessor. This version comes with a simplified checkout process, which makes it a great aid for increasing conversation and reducing cart abandonment at the online stores.

What Makes Magento2 Checkout Better Than the Older Version?

Magento1 came with a default 6-step checkout process, where customers needed to shuffle through the 6 steps to provide information regarding the product delivery location, billing, payment, etc. The order had to be followed stringently with users being unable to move to the next step without completing the current step. This functionality made it a complicated and time-consuming process which often lead to high cart abandonment rate.

There are many other reasons that give Magento2 checkout a winning edge. Let’s have a peek at the improved features it brings:

Easy Payment Integration

One of the biggest concerns of the online shoppers is the reliable payment method they can use to pay for the products they’re planning to purchase. The Magento2 enables vendors to create personalized payment modules according to their needs. While there are many Magento2 extensions available to make payment a better experience, but Magento2 has taken care of it very well. Customers need not to give the billing address unless a payment method requires them to do so. It results in a faster checkout process as they just need to check off if the address and shipping address are the same.

Automatic Guest Checkout

Don’t fall prey of the third-party modules, claiming to integrate guest checkout in your Magento2 store as this platform has already integrated this functionality in advance. And the reason here is to make shopping a faster and stress-free process as most buyer do not want to go through the tedious process. Magento, in its advanced version has eliminated the need by providing automatic guest checkout for the customers. The buyers are given an option to create an account after the checkout is done. They can choose whether to get registered or not.

Dynamic Shipping Rates

Shoppers are given with an advanced functionality of dynamic shipping rates during the Magento 2 checkout process. Shipping price is calculated after the shipping address is provided. It also provides instant information about the shipping cost of the product. Store admin can easily set up the option of shipping rates for the products listed on store. For example, free shipping can be provided for products with prices that exceed a certain amount or the admin can simply provide a flat shipping rate.

Intuitive Design

The intuitive design is another added benefit of the Magento2 development. An order summary along with product images is available on the right sidebar during the entire process. This allows online shoppers to be sure about the product they are buying or added to the cart throughout the transaction.

The strategic, better, and visually appealing checkout experience would be a great add-on for the online shopping stores, allowing buyers to shop faster with confidence. Such an extensive list of great features at Magento2 checkout makes mobbing over the new version an enticing prospect. If you want to get advantage of this feature, switch to the Magento2. Hiring a professional Magento2 developer would be the best way for doing so.