Considering the personal touch and user experience one gets in the brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping industry has a lot to learn and implement. If the user is satisfied with the shopping experience and the product range, your customers will definitely return to your store. And the biggest role played in the entire shopping experience is the personal touch. Magento extensions not only make it easier for the shoppers to enjoy faster checkout and shopping process, but also add a personal touch to the shopping experience.


Personalized Touch on E-Commerce Stores Makes it More Effective


Here are some tips which you can implement in your Online Stores.

Recognition Of Customers

Implementing systems that remember your returning visitors make them feel obliged on your efforts on remembering them. For the online shopping portals, it is recommended to remember details of shoppers or visitors on the storefront so they don’t have to enter them every time they shop. It’s important because:

  • 61% of global users recommend websites that keep track of their browsing history.
  • 41% of shoppers want to be identified when shopping from brick & mortar stores.

This all can be done by recalling their names, contact details, billing address, and shipping address.

Warm Welcome Of Your Store Visitors

Let’s admit it, we all feel delighted when welcomed with warmth in a store. Similar is the case with online shoppers who prefer some warming and personalized greeting messages once they login to the website. The personalized messages can be put on the basis of their personal information provided during the registration process.

Wishes To Buyers

Online shopping is all about the convenience and allowing them to add preferred products to wishlist is a great way to keep them engaged. You can remind them about availability of the products through emails, making them felt that you care for them. You may prompt them for offers on Wishlist. Use some premium Magento extensions to send greetings on the special events like their birthdays.

Timely Response

Ecommerce is all about better and faster shopping experience and timely response to their queries make it even better. Timely response to their queries make them feel that they are valued and you care for them. So make sure your responses are timely as this also results in reduced cart abandonment.

Product Recommendations

On the basis of their previous browsing and purchasing histories, products can be recommended easily. You can also keep a track of their Wishlist. This way, it becomes easy to recommend them similar products. It is noticed that the visitors who are recommended similar products create a WOW feeling, if they see things very similar to their taste.

Greetings After Purchasing

Just imagine how would you feel when all of your friends forgot your Birthday, but you got an email with warm wishes from an online website? It’s amazing, I know. One greeting on special occasions like Birthdays and Anniversary takes you to cloud nine. Look for the best Magento extensions to make your customers feel special on their special days by sending personalized greeting cards via emails. It is preferred to add some special offers to make their special day even more special.

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