Smartphones are actually more than a device for communication in various forms. The advent of mobile commerce technology has turned smartphones into a digital marketplace available at users’ fingertips. This is why most of the users in the world now prefer shopping online using their smartphones instead of going to the market.

Therefore, being an online business owner, you need to understand the value smartphones add to your business as an important medium of interaction with customers. Another thing that you need to understand is that mobile commerce technology helps your business achieve a strong online presence and much more.

But this is possible only when your website is mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive. Meaning, your e-commerce website should be optimized to perfection for running smoothly on your customers’ smartphones and give the best possible online shopping experience on your online store.



It is because M-commerce technology is here to stay for a long period of time.

Facts Speak!:

> By 2021, it is estimated that nearly 54% revenue of online store will come through sales from websites optimized for smartphones.

More than 12% of customers in the world found online shopping convenient through websites optimized for smartphones, says a study carried out in 2018.

More than 67% smartphone owners are waiting for their favorite e-commerce stores’ websites get optimized for smartphones.

All in all, M-commerce technology is changing e-commerce to a large extent and this is likely to continue even in the future.

Is your e-commerce website mobile optimized?

Keeping everything in mind, this is the only biggest question you should seek an answer to. If it is mobile optimized, then it is perfectly fine as your business is perfectly on its way to growth. But what if it is still not mobile optimized?

Well, embracing the latest m-commerce trends is the simplest answer to this question.

The List of mobile commerce trends to optimize e-commerce websites for smartphones:

# Responsive and a catchy web design

The look and feel of websites differ very much on desktop and smartphone screen. You should visit your website to notice this difference. Visit it on the desktop as well as a smartphone or tablet. You will then certainly notice a lot of difference in the look and feel of your website on smartphones or tablet.

This could affect your website’s uptime negatively. Increase in uptime of your website leads to a reduction in conversion rate and much more. Therefore, it is important you seek high-quality m-commerce development services for responsive and catchy web design.

# User-friendly navigation

Users don’t stay on your website? Well, the problem is then in your website’s navigation system. The navigation system of your website should be arranged in a user-friendly way. Meaning, users must be able to navigate from one page to another easily. All-important pages should be visible on your e-commerce site whereas rest of the page should be the part of a dropdown menu for navigation purpose.

# Superfast uptime

Does your website take too much time to load? There could be many reasons for it. Such as heavy content, improper navigation bar, bad website design, etc. The problem in these elements of your website collectively affects your e-commerce website’s uptime negatively. The more time your website takes to load on users’ device’s screen the more your business will be affected. Users leave your website and switch to your competitor’s website. The uptime of your website should be superfast.   

#Intuitive one-step checkout process:

Modern users do not want to follow that decade’s old multi-step checkout process for making payment of shopping your e-commerce website. They just want to click checkout, pay the bill and checkout. That’s it. This is another m-commerce trend you need to incorporate in your e-commerce website.

Anything else?

In addition, to all this, you are advised to get rid of invasive pop-ups and all kinds of heavy content on your website. Try to get your images and videos optimized for smartphones also. It will boost the uptime of your website on the users’ device. As a result, your website visitors will convert into leads for you. This could be possible by seeking high-quality m-commerce development services.

The time is changing fast. You should update your e-commerce website running on Magento accordingly and get it optimized for smartphones as soon as possible. In case you need relevant services, SoftProdigy, recognized by Clutch as the best e-commerce service provider in India, could be the right for you to count on.

Let’s get connected and see how your website could be optimized for mobile as per the latest e-commerce trends.