Contrary to the popular misconception about most things online being essentially free, creating an eCommerce website even with the basic functionalities can cost you quite a bit more than what you’ve estimated. To help you cut the cost of Magento development, we would like to help you with a few tips to create an online presence without exceeding your budget.



Website Hosting Packages

Hosting is the place where your website is located. It is like renting office space on the web and paying monthly or annual fee as rent. It can be either shared or dedicated hosting.

If you are a new business or just planning to take your existing business to the web, using shared hosting can be a cost-effective choice. The cost of shared hosting may be 7-8 times lower to the dedicated hosting. Hosting packages start from $3.95 per month to essentially the sum you are willing to spend.

Your purpose should be to find a reliable and best suitable service provider with transparent pricing. Get quotes from Magento Hosting Providers. Since you’re just establishing your online business, the basic package may be a smart choice as you can move to the upper level of hosting when you experience more visitors to the website.

Use Existing Templates

One of the most important considerations when developing an eCommerce website is to set the time right. You have multiple options for this, ranging from hiring a professional dedicated designer to customizing a template or using an existing template. The chose depends upon your requirements and the budget. One of the simplest ways to cut the website development cost is to use a pre-made template.

These website themes are designed by professionals to be used thus reducing the development time and cost.

Over 70% eCommerce businesses today use pre-made templates essentially. However, the customization can be done as your business grow and evolve.

Use Magento Extensions

Magento is a widely used platform for eCommerce development. After its Open Source nature, the most important factor behind its increasing popularity is the wide range of Magento extensions that help make your site more interactive and user friendly. Explore the range of options to use on your website and get the best suitable ones to reduce the overall website development cost.

Magento is easy to customize and fit in with extensions. Using them helps reduce the customization charges.

Use Stock Photography

Assuming that you are beginner in the eCommerce world, I’d like to mention here that hiring a professional for attractive photography can be a wrong step. This decision can be replaced smartly with stock photography. Many websites like using stock photography as it looks professional, clean, and they don’t have to take the time to hire a professional.

Of course, using stock photography would cost money, but it reduces the cost of hiring a professional photographer to a great extent, especially for the newbies.

One great option to cut eCommerce development cost is to use your own product photos and images. Using your own product images not only helps cut cost, but also you add authenticity to your website. Let visitors see the real you and save money at the same time.

Choosing Development Partner

When hiring a professional Magento development agency, make sure you discuss about the maintenance and support services with the package. Companies, focusing on better customer relations, offer additional services with the package at no extra cost. The certified Magento developers in their teams can give you more than you desire as they can fulfil your requirements with ease.

Get advice about the best marketing strategies and grab the additional discounts on festivals. This will save you time and money in hiring an additional consultant.