Magento, indeed, is one of the best Open Course ecommerce development platforms that is designed specifically for the online retail businesses to help them achieve almost anything with the ease or with minimum efforts. It offers the wide range of premium Magento extensions that are developed by the experts, reviewed by critics, and approved by the testers prior to their addition on the third-party extension platforms.

However, this rigorous standard isn’t necessarily upheld by some independent developers. The products by them can put your website at risk. I would like to share a few tips to evaluate a Magento extension so that you can safeguard your website.

Read Reviews & Comments

Each platform allows the users to put reviews on the product their have purchased. These reviews can be put after using the extensions and the support the company provides to their clients. If you find a Magento extension with maximum reviews and 5 star ratings, then it is surely a well-tested extension by thousands of people and you can easily trust upon its performance.

Another thing that you may want to see before downloading the Magento extension is to check if it is developed by a reliable company or developer, as they will back their product and keep making it better day by day. Also, you can claim support, if the extension is facing any technical issue. Reviews can give you following information:

  • Effectiveness – Whether this Magento extension can serve its purpose completely or just a partial solution to a problem.
  • Usability – Is it easy to install and offers customization feature that anyone can use?
  • Theme compatibility – You may find some information about the extensions being compatible with specific theme or not. There may be many extensions that perform great but have theme-compatibility issue and can also conflict with any other extension on your site.

Not current

The Magento extensions you plan to buy from the online stores must be the latest version and should be compatible with the latest version of Magento as well. If it is an outdated version of the extension, then make sure to ask the provider about the latest one. The old and outdated extensions might face compatibility issues with your Magento version. For example, if your website is built using Magento 2.x, then it is better that you go for a Magento2 extension, instead of buying anyone online. You may face loses with it.

Check for Vulnerability

We all know that Magento takes the security very seriously and hence regular security patches are released by the company after a certain period of time. While using these security patches can help keep your store less vulnerable to the attacks from hackers, but using an extension that is not secure, can cause various security issues. If the developer has not followed the Magento standard to make it secure, then there is a possibility that hacker will go into your website through that extension. So, makes sure buying the Magento extensions that are secure and are developed by certified Magento developers only.