We all know about the eCommerce industry and how it’s helpful for the global consumers and the retailers. With great CMS platforms, Magento extensions, and security online shopping industry is growing faster than ever before. However, little do we know about the eCommerce industry is that it has many other extensions, supporting it to grow faster. And Facebook Commerce is one of the best among them, allowing small merchants to sell through Facebook platform.

Before we start diving deep into the F-Commerce, let’s go through a few facts about Facebook:

• 600 million users globally.
• More fans recommending products.
• 40% users recommend social networking sites when buying online.
• 68% users visit retailer pages to check updates.
• Average 130 to share your latest shopping experiences.
• Facebook transactions increasing 10% per month.


Facebook eCommerce – Introduction & Its Benefits


Impressive, isn’t it?

F-Commerce is essentially shopping through world’s leading social media platform – Facebook. The business objective of f-commerce is to facilitate and execute sales transactions using this platform. This allows online retailers to sell products through social media platforms without investing in the costly eCommerce development process.

A wide range of available modules of a tailored Facebook application empower you to publicize Facebook storefront with shopping cart button on the f-commerce pages. With Facebook store, consumers can place their orders while surfing their profiles. In short, Facebook store is a smaller version of your original eCommerce website.

Shopping through Facebook allows store owners to create tailored Applications that drive sales and leads to your eCommerce website. Additionally, this also allows visitors to share and like to publicize comment or message interest in an organization’s services or products.

Similar to the Premium Magento Extensions, there are many third-party shopping implementations of virtual storefronts for businesses. This is the easiest choice for the merchants that lack the time and knowledge to develop complicated shopping websites themselves.

Benefits of F-Commerce

Facebook Commerce extends to online shopping where buyers can purchase products online using the Facebook platform.

Increased user Engagement

The most popular factor which plays a vital role in popularizing the product is the user engagement. And when it comes to user engagement, the power of Facebook is not unknown. More than 600 million users are active on Facebook and the people from the age group of 13-70 prefer to stay more active. This allows online merchants to reach out to maximum buyers on the platform. Online selling through Facebook facilitates merchants to grow more user engagement from the consumers.

Better Access to Users

Just imagine, how exciting it would be to set up an online shopping store on your favorite social media platform? Got a big smile on your face? This is what Facebook commerce does to you. With a store setup on Facebook, your target visitors don’t need to access your store separately as they can check on their favorite products from the social media platform itself. They can easily connect to their friends, get reviews about your products and make instant buying decisions.

Easy Promotions

We all use Social Media Platforms to promote our websites and increase user engagements. We integrate best Magento extensions to allow users share products with their friends. But, with Facebook Commerce, store promotions are no more a concern as it provides the option of social sharing. Social sharing option has proved to be the most effective way in product promotions easily. Visitors on Facebook store can share the products they like, which enables the store owners to make better sales.

More Conversions

As a merchant, you want to get better conversion rates. And Facebook is the most helpful source of improving conversion rates. Thus, f-commerce proves to be an efficient step in achieving this target as you reach larger number of target audience, communicate with them, bringing about a significant rise in the conversion rates.


The trends are changing. People not only use the social media platforms to communicate with friends or share ideas, but also to know about the brands, get better insights about the products and do a lot more. Setting up an f-commerce store helps in reaching out to more buyers, allowing users to easily access it and most of all it provides the feature of social sharing, similar to Magento extensions.