With about 70% of online shoppers preferring mobile apps for shopping, it can be foreseen that apps will be the only preferred channel for online shopping very soon. For businesses, it will be the predominant tool when it comes to managing your ecommerce business. For this reason ecommerce apps these days come loaded with superior functions than your ecommerce web store.

Developing an ecommerce app for your online store is in itself a challenging task. However, ONGOBUYO offers a Magento based solution that can help you evade all the complexities associated with app development. Also, you can get all sophisticated functionalities in a shorter span of time.

ONGOBUYO is a native solution offering a blend of quick app development process and high end features peculiar to any ecommerce app. Let’s have a look at its benefits:


Steadfast Magento mobile app creation process

ONGOBUYO is a plug-and-play solution and it’s just a matter of days until you get a fully functional and customized ecommerce app for your store. As Android is the most popular smartphone platform, you could get your Android app within this time span.

Customizable and adaptable solution

In addition to the app being quick to deliver, there’s plenty of room to customize the app as per your preference. This magento based solution is very adaptable as it allows third party APIs, a legion of payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.net, BitPay, etc. to be integrated without any hassles.

Built-in features that outwit eCommerce Stores

While there are constraints in terms of business reach through an ecommerce website, ONGOBUYO provides you with the opportunity of drawing mobile customers too who are on the go. You can implement a host of features that can help you boost your sales.

Zippy performance

ONGOBUYO offers a glitch-free performance and ensures a smooth user experience. Further, your app will be safe from security threats and would comply with a device’s built-in features.

Saves admin’s time & efforts

The app comes with a connector that you need to install on your magento ecommerce website. As a result your entire catalogue will be synced in no time. So, every time you upload a product on your website from the backend, it’s immediately reflected onto your app.

Push notifications to captivate customers

Push notifications keep your customers updated with latest offers, new product launch, or anything that matches your customers’ preference. It also keep you connected with your valuable customers which in turn improves your customer retention rate.

Omni channel marketing

You app can also offer an array of services apart from just offering a technical solution. Through push notifications you can promote your products through coupons, daily deals, special prices, and so on. You can reward your customers for purchases, referring, and your customers will keep returning to your websites to avail the reward points making them spend more.

Thus, the advantages associated with ONGOBUYO make it a must have for your eCommerce store. Get yourself an app today and explore the profit-making possibilities in the ecommerce industry.