The charm of “Digital Retail” is irresistible!

The industry is growing rapidly with 2,352 billion revenue generated during the year 2016. It is predicted that by the year 2020, online retail sales will reach 4,058. This is the reason that the brick-and-mortar store owners are bringing their businesses online. As a newcomer in the eCommerce space, you need to make several considerations while developing an online presence. You may not have a technical knowledge about eCommerce development



 This is when Magento can prove to be of great help. This lets you have a user-friendly eCommerce website that is easy-to-maintain on your own. All you need to do is to hire a professional Magento developer for everything from web development to Magento extensions development and add your products in the store and start selling.

Being the most trusted, flexible, and secure platform, Magento is chosen by most of the entrepreneurs of today as it offers countless benefits. We’ve prepared a list of the benefits it offers to eCommerce store owners and would like to share them in some details and know why it should be the first preference to enter the ecommerce industry.

Low Cost Involved

Magento offers two versions for the eCommerce businesses – Community and Enterprise. While the Enterprise version is paid, the community version comes totally free, making it an easier choice for the startups. After all, cost consideration is always first on the mind of startups. Also, Magento gives you the best return on investment as compared to other shopping cart platforms. It is possible to have a robust, reliable and fast-running website without worrying about any monthly or annual fee.

Visually Appealing Design

Design and visual appearance hold the great importance for any eCommerce website. If the store looks shabby and confusing, it will result in shopping cart abandonments or high bounce rate. Building a store with Magento provides you with the freedom to choose from countless readymade themes and templates that are available for free. If you want something unique, hire Magento developers to customize the storefront and build it according to the theme of your business.

Countless Extensions Available

Customers look for the platforms that are easy to use and offer something different. This is when the Premium Magento Extensions make this amazing platform stand out of the crowd as you get access to a wide range of extension to integrate different functionalities. If the existing extensions don’t meet your individual requirements, hire developers to customize the existing ones. Also, these extensions help you save a lot on web development cost.

Excellent Technical Support

Every time you develop a website or an extension, you get free support from the development company. Additionally, you also get access to the technical expertise of the global leading certified developers who are always available on various platforms where you can raise your queries and get immediate solutions for them. Seeking help for Magento is extremely easy as these experts can also be reached through emails, phone as well as chats. If you don’t have enough technical skills, then these professionals will be more than happy to help you.

Data Security

When considering Magento development, you are sure to provide a secure environment for the online shoppers. Building an eCommerce store with Magento can work really well as it takes care of security compliance by releasing security patches time to time, providing assured security against the hacker attacks. Several popular brands including Nike, Burger King, Pepe Jeans, etc. trust Magento with the protection of their websites.

Magento has so much more to offer. But besides all the above-mentioned reasons, the best one why startups consider Magento for eCommerce development is that “Magento is Awesome!”