Worldwide retail eCommerce sales touch $1.915 trillion in 2016. Nearly 2.8 billion people are using smartphones with and 70% of the smartphone users purchasing products from online retail stores. Find anything common here? It’s the growing number of people using online shopping platforms to purchase products they need. Today, online business has become more important for growing larger sales volumes over physical stores and eCommerce development is something you can’t avoid, especially if you want to take the lead in industry.




In order to take your business to the virtual world, there are many eCommerce frameworks available that are evolved to improve the overall looks of the website and the functionality to let online buyers enjoy the convenience while browsing through the website and make purchase easily. In the arsenal of many frameworks the most prominent one is the Magento.

Magento is widely accepted by developers globally for developing marvelous creations. This offers the unbeatable scalability, flexibility, efficiency and customization to attract the customers in a significant manner. Here are the factors that make Magento eCommerce development a great choice to enhance the customer base and sell more.

Effective Customer interaction

As a business owner, it is prominent to know about the importance of customer service and it’s must to hire a Magento developer with proven track record to make it possible for buyers to enjoy online shopping without a single trouble. An expert developer can integrate the features like customized forms, currency conversion, payment gateway integration, multi-language, account creation, and different language option can be carried out in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Cost Effective Source

Following the growing trend of online shopping destinations, many Magento development companies have set up their infrastructure with minimal cost as this content management system requires very little running costs. The website hosting, domain registration, extension installation, and theme development are the only costs that have to be considered. The return on these investments is amazing as the developers can easily customize anything according to the particular business requirements.

User Friendly

The website has to be designed in a way that target users are able to understand the functions. If it fails to serve the purpose, then it is not worth and Magento helps in developing a platform that is user friendly. Store admin can easily create catalogs, image inventory, discount offers, review products, orders and adjust various reliable payment modes in an effective manner.

Themes & Add-ons

Magento offers countless free Magento extensions and themes that can be integrated to enhance the appearance and functioning of the shopping portal making it engaging for the buyers. Magento has successfully gained the trust of prominent companies in enhancing their online shopping businesses in numerous way.

SEO Friendly

There’s no sense of developing an online shopping portal that target users are unable to locate on search engines. The better search engine ranking you have, the more are the sales. Magento SEO makes it possible for your business website to achieve better ranking as it is SEO-friendly and it’s easy to incorporate Google Analytics to gain more traffic. The admin can easily view the report through dashboard and can adjust marketing campaign accordingly.