The future of shopping is the online retail and it’s the perfect time for the eRetailers to take stock for their eCommerce store and consider what is the future of online buying and selling. Of course no one has a crystal ball, but there are some eCommerce trend predictions about the online shopping that are worth bearing in mind when investing in Magento development which can help develop better strategies to enhance performance of your online retail store.



So, let’s take a look at the top eCommerce trend predictions that are likely to have a direct impact on those retailers operating an ecommerce stores.

Same-Day Delivery Gets More Competitive

It’s a great fun for the online buyers to explore product, search for the best one and get it delivered the same day. However, right now there are only a handful of eCommerce players that are offering the option like Amazon, but this is something that will become increasingly important for online retailers to consider offering their customers.

According to the online shoppers’ survey, a third of total buyers would be happy to pay extra to get the order same day. This is going to be the consideration that a lot of online retailers need to keep in mind in order to beat the competition and making their brand an attractive proposition for consumers.

The Rise of Social Selling

I know there’s nothing new about products being sold on the social media platforms, it is yet to take off to the extent that same may have predicted in the past. The share of products being sold on the social media is likely to increase significantly.

The introduction of things like Facebook Bots that automate a retailer’s Facebook messenger offering is going to change the entire scenario, providing a new means of marketing to potential customers in the future.

Well, the social media platforms are not going to replace the eCommerce websites, but yes the retailers will surely see these platforms as extension to their selling capabilities rather than a replacement of the exiting methods.

Mobile Optimization More Important

Well it might seem like an obvious thing as more people are browsing products through compact devices, but for the first time this year mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic for eCommerce stores. This clearly shows how online shopping behavior of people is changing and how more it is more important it is for the online retailers to make sure their stores are optimized to mobile devices.

Another great reason to mobile optimization is the fact that Google recently announced they are working on mobile-first indexing.

Emphasize on Real-Time Interaction

People, today want immediate response to their problems and would appreciate the real-time interaction facility. The        is likely to continue in the future as well as consumers are becoming increasingly ruthless with their shopping and will soon find somewhere else to make a purchase.

Real-time interaction improves the shopping experience significantly and can lead to an increase in conversion rate as well. It is something which is likely become increasingly noticeable in online shopping marketplace and using third-party Magento extensions can make it possible with just a snap.

User-Experience Will Underpin Sales

With countless online shopping platforms available, consumers simply don’t tolerate the eCommerce stores that don’t provide the shopping experience they demand and expect. They are looking for platforms that offer perfection when it comes to the user experience. So, the brands will need to put more focus on their U/X more and make sure it exceeds the expectations of their users.

Online shoppers appreciate simplicity, particularly in relation to the checkout process. So, it’s better for the eCommerce stores to put time and allocate funds into streamlining the user experience for consumers with the available One-step checkout Magento extensions and many others available in the market.


The above mentioned ones are just a handful of what we predict may happen in the eCommerce world but it is, of course, an ever changing landscape so don’t be surprise to see plenty of new things going on the online retail in the coming future as well.