Online shopping is a complex marketplace and the competition is increasing with each passing day. You do everything to stand out the competition and perform better in your niche. Ranging from premium Magento extensions, theme design, and social media marketing, we do everything to help business make its way towards the growth, but there’s something more that can be done to achieve success by avoiding complexities – Cloud Computing.


You don’t want to start and end your days dealing with the complexities of the software, networks and other devices that are necessary to run your business. Hence, many businesses are alleviating this burden with cloud computing.

This not only helps you to streamline daily corporate operations, but also helps improve security and improve your bottom line.

Let’s know how cloud computing helps small and medium-size businesses.

Data Security

Let’s be honest, there’s always a threat of cyber-attacks and securing personal and consumers’ data is imperative in online shopping business. One single loophole in the security and your customers’ data can be stolen. Security is your first thing to get put on the back-burner by the daily demands of running your own business.

Data loss prevention is also important in small businesses. Remember, as soon as someone stoles your data, you’re out of the business pretty quick.

For better security and securing the crucial data, cloud services are indispensable. With cloud services, your important data will be automatically backed up off-site. This ensures your professional files are protected even if your business’s primary systems suffer a natural disaster, power outage or egregious human error.

Also, cloud services come with comprehensive security, ranging from malware protection and anti-virus to advanced data encryption. If you’re planning to add some feature to your online store, make sure you buy premium Magento extensions from a reliable development company.

You’ll Save Money

Small businesses have usually low budget and they’ve to spend a lot on marketing and promotional activities. As a new face in the online shopping marketplace, you can’t afford to invest in a dedicated server hosting and hence cloud computing is a great source to ensure amazing user experience and save money that may be used to other business chores.

Cloud services come with pay-per-user plan that can scale according to your business needs and budget.

Also, this saves on the other capital expenses. For example, you’ll reduce the cost of IT equipment, upgrades and support by moving some of your infrastructure to the cloud. You save the money for doing your own IT maintenance as the service provider takes care of the back end itself.

You’ll Get Access to Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

As a retailer, you are not expected to sit on your computer whole day and process the orders placed at your Magento store. You need the flexibility to handle your business from virtually anywhere with access to your data anytime and anywhere.

No matter where you are sitting, office, home or at a friend’s place, you get instant access to all your business’ important files with cloud solution. You also get a secure access to all your work calendars, work applications, and email across all your devices. Working with the flexibility of time and space become much easier with cloud solutions.

The benefits of moving to cloud are indisputable as the services are quite flexible. No matter what changes you are going to place on your store with Magento modules or planning to change the business website’s theme, everything is possible with it.