2019 is ending soon to help us enter 2020. A lot has happened and changed in the domain of technology during 2019. This level and nature of innovation and advancement in technology is going to reach the next level in 2020. Thanks to the advancements and innovations in the domain of Magento extensions ready to change the entire landscape of eCommerce industry throughout the world.

Are you also one those who are running their online store on Magento 2? If yes, you then need to read this post till the end to know about 7 Magento 2 trends to rule in 2020.

magento trends 2020

Artificial intelligence and chatbots

Absolutely right! AI and chatbots have become an integral part of almost every industry in the world. E-commerce industry is also a part of the list. AI and chatbots are making their presence felt in eCommerce industry.

Both of these technological advancements and innovations are helping online business owners running their stores on Magento 2 give personalized online shopping and customer care experience to their customer for business growth.

This is helping online business owner predict customers’ decision in advance and change their website and business strategy accordingly.

Therefore, Magento 2 extension developers have also shifted their focus on the development extensions compatible with AI and chatbots.

AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality)

This form of technology is another Magento 2 trend you should watch out for in 2020. Why? Need reasons? Alright! We have a couple of solid reasons for you. Take a good look below:

AR/VR gives personalized online shopping experience to customers as they can connect with your products from the comfort of their home. More importantly, customers making use of AR/VR technology are 11 times more likely to make purchases on your store, says a report published on the official website of Magento.

It is because they can interact with your website, brand and products from the comfort of their home/office. Popular eCommerce brands like Houzz and Neiman Marcus enjoying record breaking success on business front are a perfect example of it.

Voice Search

This is something that has come a long way since its invention. It is smart, faster and intuitive in itself. This innovation now all set to be the part of Magento 2 to help customers search for anything using voice commands through mobile devices. It is impactful!

Facts prove it!

27% buyers feel encouragement to visit websites of local businesses after conducting voice searches.

At least 50% or more searches will be voice based in 2020.

Nearly 60% people used voice searches to find about products or other things in 2018.


Video based content

Magento plans on incorporating support for video based content in 2020 for buyers who are not the biggest fan of textual content.

Millions of buyers nowadays have access to smartphones and unlimited data for consume videos to be familiar with the capability of the products you are selling on your website running on Magento 2.

In case you are also running your eCommerce store on Magento 2, integrate a Magento 2 extension that helps you optimize your store for video based content.

Developers are already shifting their focus towards this. 

O2O Business Model

Gone are the days when customers had no choice but to go online to do shopping from eCommerce stores. They now want to shop even when they are offline.

Therefore, you will need to invest some money in the development of offline store to embrace this concept in 2020.

You will also need to integrate Magento extensions that help your customers reach your website, choose desired product and place orders without asking them to pay for checkout. Your customers will visit your physical store, collect the product ordered and their card could be charged for payment automatically..

Amazon in United States is an example to follow. The company now has 9 physical stores running successfully where thousands of customers come.

You need to give this Magento 2 2020 trend a serious thought if you are an online business owner.

A Big Push For Push Notifications:

Effective use of push notifications at the right time with a right strategy helps online business owners boost their sales and increase customer base.

The only thing you need to utilize the potential of push notifications for business growth is the right strategy in place and knowledge about customers’ shopping/click behavior.

Get this knowledge, have a strategy in place and make the most of this Magento 2 trend in 2020 to grow your business.

Mobile Is A Top Priority Whereas Desktop is Secondary:

The count of mobile users is growing every day. Most of the users nowadays like to access websites using their smartphone for shopping. In-fact, they want to shop using your mobile apps. They want to use your website or mobile apps through voice commands.

Therefore, it is important for you to optimize your website for mobile. More importantly, optimize your website and mobile app for voice searches.

We suggest you to opt for Magento extensions that help you accomplish this vital business task.


This list of Magento 2 trends to watch out for 2020 for business growth could be very long. But we really wanted load you with the knowledge of trends that are actually going to add some meaningful value to the business of online stores running on Magento 2.

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