From those heavy-weight flip-flop mobiles to highly advanced smartphones that are capable of doing multi-tasking without causing the performance, we can safely say that access to the information is just a tap away and the trend is going to stay in future as well. Without a doubt Magento development stands at the forefront when considering to enter the online shopping world, but mobiles are trending these days when it comes to buying. 


The modern people now expect connectivity wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. This is the time that online businesses to catch up and understand their connected customers.

Now the question arises, ‘Is mobile app usage causing death to desktop browsing?’ Well, yes and not!

Yes because the number of mobile phone users is rising every day and so is the percentage of purchases made through these devices. And no, because there is still the number of people who prefer buying products on the larger screens after going through all the product details and images.

Here are some reasons that cause a significant growth in mobile shoppers.

Create Closer Connections

Without a doubt in mind, the mobility of an app provides businesses to connect with the modern shoppers instantly, regardless of the time and place. No matter if the user is traveling, working or enjoying some time out with friends or family, browsing products on a Magento mobile app is always possible without compromising with time. Mobile devices make information accessible at all places. For many online shopping businesses digitizing processes also enhances transparency and brand image.

Through an app, buyers are able to explore products easily, complete checkout with social media login and enjoy many other benefits like payment gateways that make buying fun and convenient.

Offline Connectivity

Once you successfully make your way to the users’ device, they can use the app online until the battery dies. Various features like wishlist, social login, push notifications and more work even during the offline mode or while internet connection is poor. However, a lot of ecommerce apps actually load content from servers to display information that is real-time and therefore need connectivity. The users still have the option to browse offline such as viewing a saved wishlist.

Push Notifications

According to researchers, nearly 7 out of 10 push notifications are likely to receive response from the app user in comparison to promotional text messages or emails. Send push notifications to users’ smartphones and this will get instant click, depending upon the promotion offered. This can help you remind them about important sales, fresh arrivals, seasonal offers, etc. There’s a reason push notifications attract more clicks – they don’t hamper user experience on smartphones and hence can be a very useful marketing tool.

Smart In-built Features

Developing online shopping apps comes with a benefit of various advanced in-built features such as GPS, camera, payment gateways, social login, etc. Using these advanced features online buyers can quickly complete purchase without going through any hectic process of registration as the app allows them to login via social credentials, saving a lot of their precious time. The app can also make use of bar-code reader which allows them to search product what they’re looking for. Because mobile users are on-the-go, faster performance and checkout process is always appreciated by them.


While the mobile apps are offering great facility to the modern buyers, but the involvement of desktop versions of websites can’t be undermined as still nearly 70% of overall sales are made through desktop sites. So, having a perfect combination of a beautiful mobile app and a website with cool Magento extensions is a plus point, if you’re willing to make your way to the competitive marketplace.