AS per the latest reports – “About 85% people prefer buying online.” Today, the internet has become a primary channel to access information about anything people want to know. The busy lifestyle and the ease of access has resulted in huge declined over brick-and-mortar stores. The increasing trend of people buying online has given a boost to the eCommerce platforms and the competition is tougher than ever before.

Still, there is a chance for the new businesses to grow, only by identifying what shoppers need and expect from the online shopping platforms. While hiring a professional for Magento development, it is important to identify shoppers’ preference and the devices they are using to purchase. For example, 45% of the overall sales are made via mobile devices, so get the website customized to multiple screens.

In order to increase conversions and boost sales lead, we bring to you a few pointers that you need to consider to increase the likelihood of eCommerce conversions of your customers.


They say that the first impression is the last impression. Creating a first impression on the virtual visitors can be even tougher as you get only 4-6 seconds to impress them with the collection. So, if your website takes more than 6 seconds, they would jump to the competitor’s website.

And the total waiting time is decreasing due to increasing involvement of mobile devices. About 64% of the users stated that smartphones are their primary channel to purchase online and if the websites are not able to perform better on these devices, then they are more likely to buy products from the site which is speedy, interactive and mobile friendly.

Effective Navigation

Online shoppers are always in a hurry, whether buying through online shopping apps or websites. This makes sense that more visitors prefer shopping through the websites that are easy to navigate, allowing them to explore products easily and checkout faster through multiple devices. Easy navigation allows shoppers to get desired products right from the home page (eliminating page loading issue) which in turns lead purchase from users.

Uncluttered Design

When you are into eCommerce business, your prime focus should be to sell products and not to bombard the visitors with multiple advertisements or pop-ups just to earn a little more revenue. For the eCommerce businesses, it is important to keep in mind to deliver a user-friendly experience while planning Magento development.

Ecommerce websites with Clean, clear and simple design are more likely to lead more online conversions. Remember, the cleaner design drives user with simple, concise and short purchasing process.

Mobile Optimization

With 2.8 billion people using smartphone all over the world, it’s mandatory for eCommerce business owners to customize their websites to compact devices as well. During the Magento development process, it is important to ensure that the website is responsive across multiple devices as 80% of the users trust professionally build and responsive website.

The online shopping world is bigger than ever before and we’ve just mentioned a few of the amazing tips we know to improve conversion rate.

The key to e-commerce success is to continually stay updated on new technology, innovative features (try Magento extensions), current trends, and potential avenues for profit. The more you offer to the clients, the better able you will be to cater to their needs and find success in your business.