To keep your online shopping platform updated in accordance with the latest trends and requirements, using Premium Magento Extensions is a must as most businesses don’t have the resources or time to customize features that the users would want to explore and use. The situation is true no matter which platform your web store is on.



Fortunately, most popular content management systems like Magento have a vast library of third-party extensions available, integrating unique and engaging features is easier than ever before. With these extensions, you can implement practically any functionality you need that is not supported out of the box. If there’s something missing on a particular extension, there are many extension development and customization companies out there who you can talk to.

Now, I would like to get back on the topic of improving store performance with Magento extensions. Well these extensions are developed in a way to enhance website’s usability, appearance, and performance to achieve maximum sales. We’d like to share some of the most usable options that can be used to enhance store’s usability and performance:

Enhanced One-Page Checkout

Nearly 70% of the users would abandon their carts at the checkout page. Thanks to the complex and time-consuming default check-out process, the store owners are unable to retain the users. The enhanced one-page checkout extension is developed with an aim at providing one-step checkout functionality to the users, allowing them to complete payment process in one go. It reduces the 6-step default Magento checkout process to only one step.

This intuitive extension provides users with a better online shopping experience by improving checkout process and making shopping fast, direct, and easy.

Add Multiple Products to Cart

How great it would be if you could add multiple products to cart without leaving the catalog page? Well, it has been made possible with this amazing extension that lets online buyers to add multiple products to cart with a single click. Buyers have the freedom to add products to cart ranging from a wide range of category including Simple, Configurable, and Custom Options Products.

Also, there is a feature to define product quantity while selecting them to cart. It is specially designed to make shopping both quick and fun for the buyers.

Blue Dart Shipping Integration

Believe it or not, but most of the online buyers make the final decision of buying something based upon the availability of Cash on Delivery for a particular product. And if you are unable to let them check the availability, then you’re sure to fall behind the competition. The Blue Dart Shipping Integration allows online shopping store owners to integration Cash on Delivery check feature depending upon the product delivery location and total product price.

Once the purchase is made, it also generates a PDF and emails it to the sales department to make shipping easier for the Blue Dart team.

Auto Re-Order Products

Sometimes online buyers just love the convenience of getting products delivered even without visiting the website. Great isn’t it? The Auto Re-Order Products Magento Extension does something exactly the same by allowing buyers to reorder products they have previously purchased. With this extension, the buyers can simply choose the complete list of products that have been previously purchased from the cart and click on the reorder option.

This extension allows buyers to apply reorder request for daily, weekly, monthly or bimonthly or any specific date to get the same product.

Gifting Reminders & Cross Sales

Keeping special events in mind can be difficult task for some people, especially the date of marriage anniversary for the married people. Won’t it be great if there’s something that reminds the online buyers about their special events in advance? The Gifting Reminders & Cross Sales Magento Extension does exactly the same for you. Online buyers can simply visit your website and create reminders for special events like birthdays, anniversaries or any other important data.

Customers are sent advanced reminders via emails while encouraging them to order gifts for their special ones, allowing you to increase the sales.

The above mentioned Magento extensions are developed by the certified Magento developers at SoftProdigy keeping in mind the advanced technology and latest trends to increase website’s performance, sales and usability. If there’s something unique you want in the extensions we offer, don’t hesitate to talk to us as nothing is impossible for our team!