Looking for the perfect WordPress plugin for your prescription needs? There are myriads of WordPress plugins available out there, but not all of them are suitable for you. You want to sell prescription eyeglasses and deliver a great shopping experience through your optical store. Therefore, it is important to choose your prescription plugin wisely.

Choose WooCommerce Eyeglass Prescription Plugin to Optimize Your Store

woocommerce eyeglasses prescription plugin

You know, WooCommerce is great for selling all types of digital and physical products. If you want to sell prescription eyeglasses on your website, you will need a way to accept prescription details from your customers. That’s when you need a robust plugin like the WooCommerce Eyeglass Prescription Plugin to let your customers upload their prescriptions and buy the right eyeglass.

With the help of the WooCommerce Eyeglass Prescription Extension, you can now facilitate your customers to buy prescribed eyeglasses from your online store. By uploading prescription details, your shoppers can easily make the purchase from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, you can choose prescription eyeglasses that can be bought only after uploading a prescription.

Top features for the admin:

  • >As an admin, you can upload the prescription at your end.
  • >Allow customers to buy prescription eyeglasses only when they enter the details.
  • >Gives them different options to specify the usage of the lens they want to buy.
  • >Display different products and add their attributes.
  • >Offer them the ‘Show Lenses’ feature on the frontend.
  • >Display multiple options with manageable prices.
  • >Show the price of lenses and frames chosen on the ‘Product Details Page’.
  • >See the entire list of orders placed for the prescription eyeglasses.
  • >View the prescription details uploaded by the shopper.
  • >Add custom prescription lens options like power, base curve, diameter, etc.

Top features for the customer:

  • >Shoppers can easily upload their prescription details and buy eyeglasses.
  • >They can upload the prescription details even after placing the order.
  • >Upload the image or document as a prescription detail.
  • >Select the color of their product with the ‘Light Adjusting’ option.
  • >Choose index lenses as per their prescription needs.
  • >Save prescription details for the future.

Ready to Build Your Feature-Rich Eyewear Store?

The WooCommerce Eyeglass Prescription Plugin is a fully automated plugin, which means you don’t have to do anything. With features like Prescription and Select Lenses, you can boost your sale and make your customers happy. The WordPress Prescription Plugin has everything for admins to help them control things from the backend. All in all, it’s a very simple plugin to add style, structure, and features to your WordPress site.