Initially when blogs first began hitting the internet, they were accepted as not more than online journals to impart knowledge. But the time has changed and today blogging has become a part of almost every aspect of daily life and businesses are using them to strengthen their Magento Search Engine Optimization campaigns.



If you’re not blogging, it’s time to get started or be ready to lose the race.

There’s a range of good reason why most successful online shopping businesses have thriving blogs on their sites. These blogs bring with them many benefits for both the online buyers and the eCommerce stores.

So let’s start out with a quick overview of blogging and know how it can help your online shipping business grow.

Blogs Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Business

The online shopping business is no joke and there’s quite a tough competition out there. For a better presence on the search engines, you need a good content marketing strategy. After all, a good search engine ranking can mean the difference between zero traffic and tons of traffic.

Most online businesses are stuffing keywords in their website content. Instead, they should mostly focus on optimizing their website content for better ranking and use blogs for search engine optimization.

Wondering how to optimize a blog post for SEO? The answer is simple.

You need to find a good keyword to use in blog and use it a few times within the content. Also try if you can use the keywords in blog post’s URL.

Avoid using too many keywords in a way that makes it obvious that you’re simply stuffing them in your post. You can use 3-4 keywords in one blog.

They’re Great For Social Media Marketing

There’s nothing better than building a community full of your target audience members. This brings great potential to your business. To build that community, you need to have a strong image.

Also, you want them to stay informed about your particular industry with relevant content that they’ll find useful.

Blog posts can do it for you!

Figure out what social media platforms your target audience is using the most and then start sharing your posts there. Use some social media tools that help you schedule your content posting in advance all of your posts for specific date and time. This can help you plan your next week’s posts on a time when you’re visitors would love to go through it.

Don’t forget to share images with each post!

Blog Posts Can Help Collect Emails

Social media is a great way to build connections with your customers, but there’s a lot more you can do to make your Magento SEO more effective.

I’m talking about the email marketing.

It’s a great way to promote your brand and products to many people at one time. Everything you send will be delivered to their inbox. With email marketing, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll see it.

In social media, customers may or may not see your blog post and new posts are updated after some time, but with email marketing, you’re sure that your visitors will see it as soon as they open their mail box.

Send Blog Posts To Build Brand Loyalty

So, now that you know how blog posts can help you create your own exclusive list of emails, it’s time that you start notifying them of new blog posts via a simple email.

Don’t send the entire blog post in the email. Instead include a teaser image and make a heading that encourage them to click to ‘read more’. That way, you will get traffic back to your store where they’ll love to explore your products and make purchase.

Many leading eCommerce companies use this technique to attract more visitors to their store and strengthen their Magento Search Engine Optimization campaign. So, think out-of-the-box and start trying these new tricks to bring more traffic to your store.