The trend of digital shopping is now reaching the next level of popularity in all parts of the world. Billions of people now love to shop online. The key needed to unlock growth and success for your e-commerce store is a positive online shopping experience for existing as well as potential customers. This is exactly what One-Step Checkout Magento 2.0 Extension ensures for your customers. 

Hassle-free navigation from one page to another and effective design of e-commerce store, etc. do this job effectively. But what is the importance of One-step Checkout Magento 2.0 Extension for your e-commerce store then? This is exactly the question


The value single-step checkout adds to your e-commerce business:

You seriously need to think about it for a number of reasons listed below:

Lead conversions rate shoots up:

The customer base for e-commerce store is like the pendulum of a clock. It can shift either way! Appropriate weight on appropriate time determines the shift of the pendulum of the clock! Which way do you want the pendulum clock to shift? It totally depends on you and your choices! Meaning, you need to understand the value of single-step checkout adds to your business. Your e-commerce store’s lead conversion goes up because your customers are able to save their time via single step checkout.



Customer Satisfaction and retention rate improve:

You are reading absolutely right! Single step checkout makes your customers happy/satisfied. It is because they don’t have to bother about spending time waiting for multiple pages to load to be able to pay for their shopping on your e-commerce store. They just have to enter their payment details once, and it’s done!

This is something that inspires your customers to come back for repeat purchase in the future. This shows the customer retention rate of your store.

All in all, a single step checkout takes your e-commerce business to a whole new level.

Features of One-Step Magento 2.0 Extension:

This extension acts as the medium you need to ensure positive online shopping experience for your customers. The list of amazing features it offers proves exactly that.

Default checkout process is reduced to single-page checkout

That’s right! Time is money! Time is money not only for you or your business. It is money for your customers also. Therefore, you need to understand the value of your customer’s time also. This extension shows exactly the way you care for your customers’ valuable time because the default checkout process on your Magento 2 store is reduced to single-page checkout. Meaning, they can enter their payment details to checkout easily.



40% faster checkout:

This extension comes equipped with advanced dynamic loading with Knockout.js. This makes the checkout process faster. It ensures the presence of default Magento 2 checkout and discount coupon codes fields before the order placement field. This is something increases the speed of checkout at least by 40% on your e-commerce store. 

Responsive and mobile-friendly design:

This is something that makes checkout a pleasant experience for your customers to come back for repeat shopping in future on your e-commerce store.



Availability of coupon codes early

Like said earlier, your customers get coupon code field before the order placement field.

This is merely a trailer of the whole movie! Meaning, integrating One-Step Checkout Magento 2.0 extension can add a lot of value to your business. This extension has been designed and developed by SoftProdigy, recognized by Clutch and App Futura as the best e-commerce service provider in India.

Got an e-commerce store running on Magento 2.0? Need something to ensure a positive online shopping experience for your customers on your store? Great thought!

Try One-Step Checkout Magento 2.0 Extension!