The online shopping marketplace is quite competitive these days. Whether you are a startup or a big name in the industry, everyone needs an extra boost to make the eCommerce store more visible and more attractive in order to bring more visitors and turn them into buyers. Well, I must say using Premium Magento Extensions can do wonders in increasing sales, but a lot more can be done to accomplish that very goal.



Smartphones and tablets have changed the game for eCommerce industry. This is the reason that the strategies of eStores have shifted to become more mobile focused as consumers are appreciating mobile shopping. For example, 65% of online shoppers prefer buying products via smartphones.

A few years back, developing an app to increase sales and attract more visitors might seem a luxury, but it’s easier for online retailers to get free tools that are readily available on Google App Store or iTunes. If you want to help your store sell more, we’ve listed some useful tools that might help.

Google Analytics

Staying updated with the page views and click rates is no more a tough task for the busy online retailers with Google Analytics app. Simply install it in your device and figure out which part of your website is driving more conversions and make business strategies accordingly. Also, this helps you to track your pay-per-click campaigns and signups from different platforms and search engines.

It’s going to be a great step to successfully determine a strategy for the upcoming months.


While it doesn’t fall under the category of mobile apps, but it’s going to be a great help to get connected to your consumers even when they’re browsing your website via mobile devices. It’s a live chat module, allowing website owners and online buyers to talk to each other for any query. If no sales representative is available to attend the query, consumers can send email to the store owner via this Magento extension.

This is fully compatible with all mobile devices and is designed to provide better user interaction to your customers.


Tracking the sales from your Magento store is now possible with this unique sales tracking app, designed and developed exclusively by SoftProdigy. Install this app in your Android device and get real-time updates about your store sales. The notifications are revived via push notifications. The driving principle behind the app is to enable online retailers to monitor website data and make appropriate decisions, based upon the accurate and readily available data.

It makes life simpler for both the online sellers and the buyers.


It’s no more just a tool to communicate and share your ideas with peers. Facebook has turned to be a great platform for online businesses as they can use it for a variety of reasons. It helps boost your virtual image, advertise products, and create awareness about them to a wider audience. Online retailers offer engaging customer service by responding to comments, which help in building brand loyalty.

Facebook is also useful for offering easy registration via Magento mdules.

The Bottom Line

The list could go up to 100, but we ensured to list only the best tools available in the market and that are free of cost. If you’re not already using any of the above mentioned mobile apps for your eCommerce business, try using them and they’ll bring a significant change the way you do your business.

These apps not only help eCommerce business owners to stay connected to consumers, but also allows to rise above the competition by engaging more visitors to the store in today’s mobile business world.