Ecommerce business owners to take the level of their customers’ satisfaction to the next level. This is possible only when you make it easier for them to add multiple products to cart in WooCommerce to pay for their shopping at checkout.

It was a problem that most of the e-commerce business owners needed to deal with. Lack of solution to this issue was affecting the revenue, customer base, CSR (Customers Satisfaction Rate), LCR (Lead Conversion Rate) and CRR (Customer Retention Rate) of many e-commerce stores running on WooCommerce. But the development of add multiple products to cart in WooCommerce by SoftProdigy has given them a sigh of relief.



Let’s now check the specifications of Add Multiple Products to Cart in WooCommerce that helps e-commerce business owners to retain and grow their revenue, CRR, CSR and LCR to the next level.

Features of Add Multiple Products To Cart in WooCommerce:

Hassle-free selection of multiple products:

This extension acts as the perfect medium online stores running on WooCommerce need to help their customers. It allows them to select products of their choice to cart from any category or product listing page. Meaning, your customers are given a checkbox under every single product. This checkbox helps them select all checked products to cart easily.

Addition of all products to cart:

It is an effective medium to let your customers need to add all of the selected products to the cart. In simple words, it allows you to ensure two important things for your customers:

> They can choose multiple products from relevant products.

> Your customers may also like products sections available in the product pages.

Ajax spinner feature:

This is another specialty of Add Multiple Products to Cart in WooCommerce Extension designed and developed by our team. It is a kind of UI (User Interface) tweak added in it. It helps your customers add all selected products to cart with just one click of a mouse button on “Add All to Cart Button.” This special feature makes it easy for your customers to add all products to cart and checkout quickly to add to your revenue, Lead Conversion Rate, Customer Satisfaction Rate, Customer Base and Customer Retention Rate significantly.

A checkbox for the selection of products:

This one thing gives a highly positive online shopping experience to your customers on your WooCommerce based online store. The availability of this Checkbox feature allows them to add all products selected from various categories and product listing pages to cart with just a single click of the mouse. In addition to this, as already mentioned above, this checkbox button select products from the list of relevant products. They can mark favorite products also with this button.

Therefore, your time is now to let your customers add multiple products to cart in WooCommerce without any hassles. It will increase your e-commerce store’s revenue. More importantly, Lead Conversion Rate, Customer Satisfaction Rate and Customer Retention rate of your WooCommerce based online store will also reach a new high!

Since it has designed by SoftProdigy, recognized by Clutch and AppFutura as the best group of e-commerce solution providers in India, the quality and value of your money and trust is assured!

Let’s get connected to show you the value Add Multiple Products to Cart can add to your online business!