Most online shopping websites are unique in their own way. Some offer better navigation while others use the premium Magento extensions to cut checkout time. In order to be above the competition, it is mandatory for the businesses to integrate unique features. Since everyone is busy these days, allowing them to get reminded about the important events and dates is a surprisingly unique way to attract more visitors to your store and enhance user engagement.

Gifting Reminders For Magento 2.0

This is a unique Magento 2.0 extension, designed to encourage more visitors to your website while encouraging them to buy more from you. Gifting Reminders For Magento 2.0 allows online shoppers to get notified regarding the important events and dates like Birthday, Anniversary, Official Meeting, etc. so they never miss an event.

gifting reminders magento 2.0 extension

Only registered users can use this feature and set reminders for specific occasions and receive personalized messages through email notifications. In addition to setting reminders, visitors can also mention the best date to receive notification so they can be ready for the big day. Gifting Reminders Magento 2.0 Extension lets your visitors to enjoy a never before experience as this has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of every online buyer.

How It Works?

To start off, enable the module in your Magento 2 installation so the functionality is available for the frontend users.

Only registered users are allowed to use the functionality, so visitors can register or sign in (if already registered) from the frontend.

 magento 2 gift card extension 

magento 2 free gift 


Once the visitors register or login to their existing accounts, they can click on ‘My reminders.’ Here they can check the list of already created reminders or create a new reminder to get notified regarding the event.

 gifting reminders magento 2 extension 

Visitors can click on the “Add New Reminder” button to add a reminder regarding an event. Here they need to provide all the details regarding the event such a Title, Date, Message, Friend’s Email, etc.

 gift reminder magento 2 extension 

Once ready, click on the “Save Reminder” button and a reminder will be added to the list of existing reminders that are already set by the user. Users can also check the number of reminders already available under “My Reminders” section. Also there is option available to edit or remove the events.

Reminder & Cross Sales Magento 2 Extension

Bottom Line

The gift reminder Magento 2 extension is designed to encourage more users keep visiting the online shopping websites and grow sales as this extension also allows them to buy gifts to their loved ones on special events. The more time visitors return to your store, the more your brand value increases.


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