Owning a Business-to-Business (B2S) commerce website is quite challenging as only the selective people search for such websites. The limited number of target audience results in less sales, and hence it is suggested to keep every visitor engaged in order to ensure sales are made every time a visitor comes to your website. Engaging appearance, better functionality with Magento extensions, impressive image, all makes a great impact on user engagement. However, similar to any other business, B2B website also comes with some general issues.


Common Issues of B2B E-commerce Websites & How to Overcome Them

Let’s discuss the common issues for B2B website and how to overcome them:

Confusing Search Functionality

For every business website, search forms the most essential part, especially when your website contains multiple pages. It is a common fact that if people are unable to find desired products on home page, they’d look for the search bar. Hence, it is important to use the better search functionality to deliver accurate search results that are displayed in such a way that behold the visitor to browse your website. Everything in the search functionality, data source and search implementation must be fed with accuracy and investigated thoroughly.

While Magento offers a great default search functionality, but it’s always better to offer something better than the default search. Using premium Magento extensions such as auto-complete search, search by brands, etc., extensions are helpful for better searching experience. Look for the best third-party Magento extensions to make a smart choice when implementing better search functionality on your store.

Improper Shipping Price Details

For the online shopping websites, accurate display of shipping rate is a real-time issue these days. This is because the buyers are not limited to a particular country or a city. When developing a Magento B2B website, it is important to take care of the important details like setting of complete address details such as street, city, postal code, etc. Also, take care of inclusion or exclusion of specific shipping methods for a better experience and to display accurate shipping price details to frond-end buyers.


Common Issues of B2B E-commerce Websites

Improper Promotions

If you are launching a promotional or discount offer campaign, it is mandatory to launch it properly with accurate information as promotional offers are the greatest marketing tool for the B2B websites. Mistakes are likely to happen, especially when you there are several promotional schemes. If the website is not configured properly, improper information is likely to be displayed. Hence, it is important to use best Magento extensions that can easily handle the promotional offers.

Also, it is recommended to use promo codes for the promotions while advertising in order to avoid incorrect promotions.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned are the general issues faced by any merchant. And if you own a B2B platform, your website may face with specific problems as per the platform. Dealing with these issues can be a big problem and results in loss of customers and brand recognition. In order to improve sales and user engagement, using Magento extensions is always the better choice without undergoing massive customizations.