We are just a few months away from the mega sales of the year: Black Friday & Cyber Monday. If you own an online eyewear store and want to leverage these opportunities to your benefit, better start preparing now.

When getting ready for these big days, keep in mind there are plenty of other retailers in the digital environment waiting eagerly for the same. So, implementing eye-catchy templates and themes and WooCommerce Virtual eyeglasses Try-on software is not enough. Do you want your online optical store to stand out in the upcoming sales? If yes, then get a surefire strategy.


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If you think there is still time for Black Friday & Cyber Monday (BFCM). Well, it’s never too soon to get your e-commerce store ready for these massive sale events. Below, we will look at an ultimate guide to prepare your online store for BFCM 2021.

  • Make sure your site loads quickly -A study suggests that 90% of online visitors abandon e-commerce sites if they take longer to load. So, make sure you do not disappoint your prospective customers. However, if the loading speed of your digital e-store is not up to the mark, here are a few tricks and tips you should follow.

○        Run a speed test to find areas in your e-commerce site that need optimization.

○        Install a Content Delivery Network to access dedicated, high-speed, and geographically distributed data centers.

○        Do not forget to optimize your images.

○        Make sure you upgrade your hosting plan to speed up your store performance.

  • Check if it is ready to handle an influx of traffic - The next thing you need to do is check whether your digital eyewear store can deal with a sudden increase of visitors without affecting the speed. If not, hire professionals to find the solution.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices and browsers - If you want to reach out to more potential customers, your e-commerce site should work well on a mobile, tablet, and desktop. In addition to this, it must be compatible with popular browsers.
  • Do all the functionalities work well? - It is advisable to conduct a periodic check of your digital store. With this, you will find out if functionalities like add to your cart buttons, navigation, and checkout process work well.
  • Make your checkout less complicated and quick - It’s perfect if your checkout process is working correctly. But is it hassle-free and fast? An ideal checkout should be as simple as possible with little-to-no distractions. A pro tip: Try to keep the visuals of your checkout simple, add multiple payment options, and offer guest checkout.
  • Choose your discount and offers - Since you are preparing your digital eyewear store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, it makes sense to give attractive offers and discounts. So, choose the products you want to put at discounted prices.

These are some ways you can get your e-store ready for the upcoming sales. Apart from this, invest in the appropriate marketing campaigns while keeping your customer services and inventory game on point. Did we mention ensuring the highest security of your site by installing security plugins?

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