Change is the inevitable law of nature! This rule applies to everything in this world. Even technology is not left untouched by this law of nature. All forms of technologies change from time-to-time. Magento mobile app development technology is also one of those.

This is why you regularly get to know about some news pertaining to change or innovation in Magento. Coming to the point, reading this post till the end will help you know about changes or innovation in the domain of Magento mobile application development technology that occurred during the month of August 2019. So, let’s check them out!

Brex Joins Magento Technology Partner Program

This is one of the key Magento events that took place during the month of August 2019. Brex, the first-ever corporate card in the domain of eCommerce, has joined a fast-growing list of key technology vendors offering robust technology for business enhancement required for the Magento commerce platform.

Brex eCommerce credit card offers a new value as a Magento Technology Partner, says Mr. Henrique Dubugras, co-founder and CEO of Brex. This collaboration will benefit all Magento customers in many ways.

Zaius also joins Magento Technology Partner Program

This is a huge reason why you should think about purchasing Magento app extensions. The company joined Magento Technology Partner Program by releasing its Zaius extension for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source.

When needed, this B2C Customer Relation Management extension is now available for purchase in Magento Marketplace. Mr. Rick Kenney, Vice President of Industry Strategy at Zaius, expressed his happiness at this. 

According to him, the company is dedicated to investing in Magento Ecosystem. More importantly, the company is already assisting nearly 50 Magento merchants. Zaius is committed to assisting many more brands with the objective of strengthening the brand’s relationship with their valuable customers.

Even Magento expressed pleasure at Zaius’s inclusion in the list of growing technology vendors' growth acceleration and delivery of fabulous commerce experiences.

Hopefully, you now understand why this is a huge reason for you to purchase Magento app extensions.

Global retail e-commerce software market report 2019-2025 is out now

That’s right! If sources are to be believed, this report contains valuable information and statistics indicating an increase in the value/importance of Magento as an eCommerce platform.

Magento Live 2019 Event In Europe

Yes! You are reading absolutely right! This is going to be Magento’s second live event in Europe. The first one took place in Barcelona in 2018.

The leading eCommerce platform is conducting this event at the RAI Exhibition Conference Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2019. This two-day live event will begin on 22nd October 2019 to come to conclusion on 23rd October 2019. 

Share of experiences by the Early Adopters of Progressive Web Apps will be the special highlight of this live event.

20th September 2019 is the date for early birds to book their spot at the cost of €745. Those who get late will be charged €845. But if you’re a qualified Magento Merchant, you could be eligible to attend the event at special discounted rates.

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