Google indexing is the most crucial stage for Search Engine Ranking. If Google is unable to index your web pages, your website will be unable to get better ranking on the search engines. And if you do not get ranked on search engines, no one will be able to find your content organically. There may be many reasons if your website is not indexed by Google. May be you are using the wrong SEO techniques or not using the best Magento extensions to get organic traffic from search engines as your website deserves.


6 Reasons for Google Not Indexing Your Ecommerce Website Pages

Google Not Found Your Site

Just creating an eCommerce website is not enough, but it requires a lot more. In order to get found on the search engines, it is required to get registered on the search engines. Once you’ve registered your website on search engines, give a few days to them to search and crawl your website. However, if still you are not getting traffic from search engines, make sure to check if your website sitemap is uploaded properly and is working properly. Use Google Webmaster Tools to upload a sitemap so Google can crawl your website pages.

Duplicate Content

Content is the king for Magento SEO. And if your website has too much of duplicate content, Google and other search engines may end up not indexing your website. And I am not talking about just copied content from other sites, but from your own site as well. If more than one URL have the same content, Google considers it as duplicate issue. This may be the prime reason for your website not getting indexed.

Website Loading Speed

In this competitive era, no visitor wants to wait for the web pages to load. In fact, no website visitor will wait for more than 5 seconds if your page is not fully loaded. This is why Google gives great importance to the websites with better and faster page loading speed. Search engines are not fond of website with slow loading speed. In case of slow page loading, Google and other search engines are more likely to not index your website at all. Less customization and more Magento extensions is the best strategy to ensure better performance of your website.

No Relevant Information

Along with selling products to the shoppers, your website blog pages also must be created with unique content that is prepared to educate the visitors. Hence, it is important to create topics that people are searching using the strategic keywords. Hiring a professional Search Engine Service plays a pivotal role in understanding what people are looking for. This way, you can create content that gives your website a better visibility.

Robot.txt Files Preventing Page Crawling

Robot.txt file is essential component of the website development process. It must be correctly set up. If set up incorrectly, you may be accidentally telling search engines to not crawl your website properly. Using Google Webmaster Tool is the efficient way to allow Google to crawl through your web pages and keep you visible in the search engine’s index.

Crawl Errors on Website

It is simple… if search engines can’t search your pages, they will not crawl them. Hence, it is important for the website developers to ensure that the website pages a visible to be crawled by search engines. This helps your eCommerce website pages to get indexed on the search engines. Again Google Webmaster Tool is the great way to ensure that your website pages are visible to search engines so you don’t face crawl issues.

The above-mentioned are the most common reasons your website is not getting indexed by Google bots. Magento SEO services can empower your website, making it easily searchable by leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


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