When developing an eCommerce store, the first thing that must be kept in mind is the design and for obvious reasons we spend a lot of time in the particular area of the Magento development project. We know it can be quite tricky to attract visitors and keep them engaged, hence we’ve brought to you some pointers about how to go about your first web development and design project. 

If you are not an expert, it is always better to let a professional handle the task or hire a Magento development agency to get your project off the ground.


For a successful website development and designing, creating a layout is the most important part. The website should follow a pattern that feels similar to visitors. You can try to put a little twist on the classics.

Do – Create a website with a unique interface that your visitors can easily understand so as to find what they want. Explore similar websites of competitors and try to identify customer behaving patterns when visiting those sites.

Don’t – Design a website with no proper layout where customers have to scroll left and right to see everything. Website content should be placed strategically within the viewable width of most web browsers with the most important information on the top.


Colors can be very helpful in creating interest of the visitors and keep them engaged on the website for long time. Hence, the most artistic mediums, color should be used carefully.

Do – Utilize colors to enhance the website appearance. Different colors can be used to draw attention to specific elements on your site such as add to cart, checkout button, etc.

Don’t – Make a website confusing with different types of colors that don’t belong to on the same page. You are designing a website, not an abstract art. Make sure the colors enhance the website, not take it over.


This is very important for a seamless shopping experience. Identify your target audience and think of how to split up the content in a way that would make sense to them to look for it.

Do – Most visitors are familiar with top navigation or left-side navigation, so make sure using them on the best places. They’ll easily know where to go to get around on your site.

Don’t – Remove navigation on certain pages. Navigation makes it easier for the visitors to get around your website, so don’t waste your investments by making it hard for your customer to get around.

Think About Mobile

We all know that the world is going mobile with more and more people using compact devices to explore whatever they are planning to purchase. Make sure to get the Premium Magento Extensions that work better with mobile sites as well.

Do – Use mobile-ready themes for your website and the plugins too. Responsive themes make your website to easily adjust on almost every device. This makes it ideal for websites which receive traffic from a wide variety of mobile and tablet devices.

Don’t – Avoid mobile technology when designing a website. Many businesses may want to create a desktop website and then think about implementing a mobile theme separately. It can be a bad deal as most of your traffic is going to come through mobile devices.

Get Social

In this highly advanced world, the importance of social media platforms cannot be undermined. Think implementing a social strategy to engage your customers during your eCommerce development project.

Do – Make sure to add some social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. on your website to create a link with your visitors and increase your brand visibility. The important thing here is to engage your customers in the way that is most familiar to them.

Don’t – Attach a social media profile that you are not going to update regularly. If you have just stepped into the online business and don’t have much followers, then hold off on adding those to your site – these will also reflect poorly on your brand.