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Why Social Media Marketing for Bussiness Growth?

If your business is slacking or if it is still at a blooming stage, turning to social media for help can really help you garner countless benefits! Over the years, numerous businesses have achieved desired growth by striking the right note through their social media marketing efforts.

Why social media? If you still have this question lingering in your head before hiring a social media expert, let us help you get some facts straight.

With the internet dominating the life of almost everyone these days, 3.4 billion out of 4.4 billion total internet users spent their time using social media. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, SnapChat and other small networks they like. Out of all these users, about 2,300 billion users are on Facebook alone. That pretty much sums up the power of social media for marketing and business. With a failsafe social media marketing campaign, you can really hit it big!

To kick off your marketing campaign, you can simply outsource social media marketing services delivered by experts and get yourself started

At SoftProdigy, we have been engaged in social media marketing ever since Facebook became a huge market place for its users. Our team of social media experts is highly proficient at closely studying the social media environment and creating campaigns suitable for your business and audience. Our work and customer satisfaction are the reasons why we have been recognized among the social media marketing companies for small business by a number of renowned websites like Clutch.

So, if you’re looking forward to starting your marketing journey through social media, we can deliver you the best of social media expertise.

Social media strategies devised to scale-up your brand awareness and engagement on the web!

Facebook Marketing

Over the years, Facebook has greatly expanded its horizons for businesses. Facebook for business is a very vast platform with a great deal of scope for business growth and expansion. If done rightly, marketing on Facebook can really lead to a miraculous success of your business. You cannot doubt the success of Facebook ads when it is proven that more than 2 billion people can be reached through Facebook ads. SoftProdigy is a leading social media advertising agency that designs, plans, and launches Facebook ad campaigns in order to reach the best-quality leads for your business. We also create and manage business pages on Facebook and keep them updated with regular postings and engagement.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram has more than 1 billion users, all engaged in the visual content shared on the platform. So, this is the best platform to reach your audience through images or videos. Another thing that has emerged on Instagram recently is the Profile theme that businesses usually follow to make their profiles much more presentable and interesting! If you’re looking for creative heads to make your Instagram profile worth following, outsource social media marketing services from SoftProdigy’s expert teams.

LinkedIn Marketing

The biggest professional network, with a total of more than 600 million professionals, is not a bad place to start with spreading the word about your business. LinkedIn is one of the widest networks to start social networking with business executives, professionals, and experts and educate them about your business. Especially for businesses that have a B2B customer base, LinkedIn is one of the best places to start social media marketing with. If you’re planning on starting your B2B social media marketing campaign on LinkedIn, SoftProdigy’s social media expert team can help!

Twitter Marketing

To brief the greatness of Twitter for businesses, let us tell you that 83% of Fortune 500 companies have a very active presence on this micro-blogging network. And this is for a reason! With Twitter being more active and fast in the race of social media networks, people are starting to prefer it even more than Facebook. We know this because we have kept a close eye on social media usage trends changing every year. So, as a social media expert, we master the planning and implementation of failsafe social media strategies for huge networks like Twitter.

Achieve business growth, engagement, traffic, and brand recognition at a bigger level!

Pick SoftProdigy as your social media agency.

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