Our Approach

At SoftProdigy, we follow an agile iterative approach resulting in the best possible product for our clients each time. This is relevant from the fact that SoftProdigy has brought some of the biggest brand projects to life.

Work Process at SoftProdigy

We’ve further made some tweaks to the the traditional agile approach where we have included prototyping to give an early view of a finished product during the development phase.

Going by the agile methodology, our process emphasises on the rapid delivery of a product in fully functional bits. We do not go by breaking a project into tasks and scheduling it thereafter, but rather we align it into individual sprints with a definite duration and deliverables. With about a decade of project management experience, we have figured out the best approach and framed our process across 3 different stages: Foundation, Formation, and Expression.

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Normally, it kicks off with a formal discussion with our clients where we discuss the idea and the value proposition in the form of RFP document, which, is further documented in a Business Requirement Document/User Stories.

After we feel we’re on a common platform we initiate the project by preparing and sharing the Scope of Work and Effort Estimation with the client.

Finally, keeping the development team’s ‘velocity’ in account we plan milestones with deadlines within Sprint Plans.

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Inspired by ‘inspect and adapt’ feedback loop, our scrums in the formation phase emphasize on having a shippable product (thoroughly integrated and tested) ready at all times during the development cycle which is frequently discussed with the client over meetings.

After planning and executing an individual time-boxed sprint or iteration, we present a demo to our client. Any suggestion or improvised idea is planned and implemented in the following sprint. This also means that our client has a complete picture of what’s going on at every stage.

Daily and Weekly status is shared with the client on Basecamp along with Minutes of Meetings (MOM) for all client interactions.


In this phase our QA team focuses on fully functional release of our product or components at the end of each sprint. We set up Bug Triage Meetings and prepare a Defect Report for each iteration.

All the necessary quality tests like functional testing, security testing, performance testing, automation testing, etc are performed to ensure that the product is flawless.

The Formation and the Expression stages follow an iterative loop until the product is ready for the final deployment. All the important information like source code and customer management protocols is then handed over to the client.

Each step of project execution is simplified and organized at SoftProdigy. This is why there is less probability of errors in any of the projects that we take. Also, we offer a warranty period of 3-4 weeks for every product we deploy.

We make sure that the best reaches our clients and that is what exactly excellence in work means!

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