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Explanation of Hyperlocal Mobile App Concept

On-demand e-commerce industry throughout the world is now more focused on catering to customers’ needs faster. Popular food ordering apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber, Ola, PizzaHut, and many more have already put their best foot forward in this direction. They are fulfilling customers’ needs on a local level within the shortest period of time possible. This is the hyperlocal concept for you!

Your customers prefer to get things delivered at their doorstep. Embracing the hyperlocal concept is expected to help on-demand e-commerce players generate revenue up to $365 billion by 2030, says an Up serve Restaurant Insider report. Also, the visibility of your brand goes up to increase sales, customer base, and revenue. You do not need to make special efforts for this. This is the beauty of this concept. The quality of competition goes up to benefit your offline brand as well as your customers simultaneously. Your customers enjoy efficiency and transparency to add to your customer satisfaction and retention rate. This is why, this e-commerce/m-commerce innovation is fast reaching the next level of acceptance among offline retailers worldwide. On-demand apps are becoming an important of life for 49% millennial. Even those who fall in the age bracket of 35 to 54 years are also embracing this trendy change.So, in all, the hyperlocal apps are an innovation that will help businesses climb the ladder of business growth, success, and technological advancement! If you have an idea about your own hyperlocal business app, let us know! The experts at SoftProdigy will snap right into action to help you!

Want a business app? Here is a list of hyperlocal app development ideas:

Food Ordering Apps

Swiggy, Zomato and Food Panda are not the only food delivery giants feeding on the on-demand hyperlocal concept for business growth. Even brands like MilkBasket, UberEats, InstaKart and Doodhwala have managed up to 50,000 customers outreach. You now need to think about the number of customers your offline food brand can reach out to with a food delivery app. Also, think about the amount of revenue possible for your offline food brand.

Apps like Uber

Consider on-demand hyperlocal a great business and revenue generation opportunity for offline transportation business. Absolutely right! You just need to have your funds in place and get an app like Uber developed. Transportation business already having such apps include but are not limited to Ola, Jugnoo, Carzonrent only. You can also be part of this bandwagon with a taxi booking app for your offline taxi business.

Live Tracking Apps

Live tracking is also an on-demand hyperlocal business. Google Maps, Waze, GPS Phone Tracker, My Quest and Where is My Droid, etc. are a couple of best examples of Live tracking apps. People now need a medium to track their things and family much more than they used to. In case you are doing something in this domain, seeking live tracking app development services could be good for your business.

Fast Food Delivery Apps

McDonald’s, KFC, and PizzaHut are some of the most popular fast food brands in the world. The fast-food industry is nowadays feeding on its customers’ urge to order through their dedicated on-demand app. This mindset of their customers is making fast food industry extremely rich. The amount of revenue this industry is likely to earn by 2020 is expected to touch the milestone of $223 billion. Thanks to the fast increasing popularity of fast food delivery apps. Why don’t you think about getting one developed for your own fast food brand?

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