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A Set of Templates for Cost-Effective Cross-Platform Xamarin Mobile App Development for Business Growth

Xamarin is an extremely powerful and flexible tool for the development of hybrid as well as native applications. More than 376,600 developers of over 150 fortune 500 companies cannot be wrong! They hire Xamarin developers to get cross-platform apps developed to help other businesses grow. Xamarin makes use of the C# for developing cross-platform apps for all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS etc. That too, with a single code base!

Why Xamarin for Seamless Business Growth?

The time has changed! Modern corporate world is fast switching to technologically innovative and advanced means of digital marketing. More than 1.5 million mobile apps are being downloaded by smartphone users every day. This is why more than 80% CEO’s in the world seek out the services of efficient and reliable Xamarin Mobile App Development Services for the following reasons:

  • Almost 90% mobile users like to spend their 86% time on the apps installed in their iOS, Android and Windows smartphones.
  • Xamarin allows a hassle-free cross-platform app development in C# with a single codebase.
  • Visual Studio (IDE) is an integral part of Xamarin development for android, to ensure code completion in C# and offers a vast range of advantages associated with Native UI, Native Performance and full as well as hassle-free access to specific features of a device.
  • With C# shared codebase, Xamarin ensures a hassle-free Native UI development cycle across all platforms.
  • Development of forms is easy.
  • Existing .NET and Portable class libraries can be reused.
  • Acquisition by Microsoft has turned Xamarin into a Visual Studio Ide 2015 for professionals to ensure seamless integration of Xamarin apps with cloud solutions like Azure and also provides rich and comprehensive solutions for business growth.
  • Xamarin is an extremely robust platform capable of utilizing Mono Framework and ensures full communication with the API’s (Application Program Interfaces) related to some common functions like contacts, camera and geographical locations of iOS, Android and Windows mobiles phones.
  • Cross platform app development in Xamarin avoids high investment cost and ensures low investment for visual studio mobile app development.
  • Xamarin offers a complete hardware support and a component store of its own.
  • Platform-specific knowledge is not needed for Xamarin development for android and other platforms.
  • Immediate automatic app testing with Xamarin Test Cloud is possible.
  • Xamarin iOS, android, windows and android apps stay updated with relevant latest features.
  • Most importantly, it is cost effective, secure, reliable and stable for businesses and supports development of wearable technology.

Our Expertise in Xamarin


Headquartered in India, we are a champion Xamarin Mobile App Development company. We understand the importance of your business for you. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to incorporate the best and technologically latest Xamarin development practices. We develop the mobile apps that are compatible with all the platforms, to help your business grow and set the benchmarks of success like never before.

Custom widget and module development in Xamarin

Custom widgets and modules play an important role in the process of ensuring informative, interesting, and perfectly optimized data to web-based application users across the world. From widget and module, industry research, topic research, data analysis, development of widget and module wireframe, and the widget and module layout prototype revisions, we specialize in the best Xamarin development practices. If you hire Xamarin developer India from SoftProdigy, it gives you an opportunity to control the entire code for making updates in your app. With a less investment of time and money you can avail the benefits for your business from the SEO perspective on mobile and web apps.

Xamarin Technology Consulting Services

Headquartered in India, being an industry leader, we have stamped our authority in the domain of Xamarin Mobile App Development Services in India. Striking harmony between technological changes and corporate plans is our main stream of success. Our practiced QA, Xamarin and business consultants work in tandem and ensure accurate application of their experience. The experts strive to give you practical and profitable advices to optimize revenue and process, web based apps, social media promotion, SEO-optimized content and a lot more!

Unmatched Support and Maintenance Services for Xamarin

High-quality support and technologically advanced maintenance plays a vital role in the success of any project. We leave no stone unturned and take pride in communicating 24*7 through basecamp, Skype and E-mail to inform you about the progress level of your project on daily basis. This is how we keep our focus on providing advanced Xamarin development services and project-related queries for achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Xamarin Migration

Digital success for most of the modern day businesses largely depends on responsive websites and applications. Our organization comes out as the most perfect blend of practiced Xamarin developers and latest technology needed for a hassle-free Xamarin migration. SoftProdigy provides you an opportunity to take control of the code of project and migrate it from Windows to iOS and from iOS to Android and vice-versa. This is just a glimpse of what makes SoftProdigy a champion Xamarin development company in India.

Product Development in Xamarin

It is high time that you sought high-quality Xamarin product development solutions for taking your business to the next levels of success. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified member and a house to Xamarin specialists who have a full command on advanced Xamarin development tactics. The experts develop specialized forms, website/mobile apps for iOS, Android and windows, and e-commerce platforms. Our development unit is registered with NASSCOM and Software Technology Parks of India.

Xamarin Development and Customization Services

We are one of the leading companies in the domain of Xamarin Mobile App Development Services in India. We make sure our Xamarin Development and Customization Services cater to your business needs. A lot of businesses from across the globe looking to hire Xamarin developer India, choose us! This is because we have mastered the art of ensuring a complete control of the code. With this, we help you customize forms or an overall app layout according to your business needs.

Why SoftProdigy – SoftProdigy is globally held in High Esteem because…

At SoftProdigy, all our mobile app and Xamarin developers, huddle together combining the finest technology with experience. They strive to develop a high-quality products, capable of exceeding your business requirements and expectations.

You Have a solid Reason to Trust Us with Your Valuable Project because…

We are a NASSCOM Accredited Member and Google and Microsoft Certified Gold Partners for the following reasons:

  • Skilled experts for high-quality Xamarin app development, offering full cross-platform compatibility
  • Development of iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry apps.
  • Affordable and reliable cross-platform mobile technology consulting services.
  • Development of Xamarin Apps offering completely Native UI controls.
  • High-quality web services, themes and UI controls.
  • Xamarin Migration
  • Application development services dedicated to multiple operating systems
  • Code sharing
  • Development of apps using C, C# and Java
  • Use of Native Features through Interaction with .NET Class Libraries.
  • Database skills of our Xamarin and mobile app development professionals include QLLite and other RDBMS Databases
  • Full clarity of concepts like OOPS, SVN, API, Web Services, Mobile Applications, Payment Gateways, In-App Purchases, iTunes, Push Notifications, iOS etc.
  • Our Xamarin developers possess full command on Xamarin. VS, Xamarin. iOS, Xamarin. Android, Xamarin. Mac,C#, Objective-C, Windows.Net, Java, VB.Net, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • 24*7 Availability of Support staff for timely project delivery, answering your queries through E-mail, Basecamp, Phone calls and Skype.

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