Blackberry/Windows App Development

A Target Worth Hitting

In spite of the several new operating systems that have stepped in, Windows and Blackberry are still holding their base. Being in a competitive market, one cannot afford to miss these veteran operating systems. Apps developed in Windows 8 are taking off in a grand way. Though the overall number of users is much larger for Android and iOS, but Blackberry and Windows have not diminished from the market. There are some very loyal Blackberry and Windows users that are happy with some of the features that these operating systems carry above others. Thus ignoring this section means ignoring a significant amount of opportunities to grow your business.

Things to Know

A Quick Introduction

Gaining proficiency in the Windows and Blackberry app development has added another feather in our cap. We have been leaders in mobile app development over years and we take utmost pride in claiming ourselves to be masters in the Windows as well as Blackberry app development.

At SoftProdigy we have an entire team of dedicated developers for Windows as well as Blackberry apps. Since its existence till today, we have matured as the best service providers. With a rich experience in the field and simple formal proceedings we give our customers a delightful experience while working with us.

Some Reasons in Support of Our Claim to Be Masters

  • Effective and transparent communication
  • Maintaining client integrity
  • Stick to quality
  • Time bound delivery of services
  • Open to feedbacks at any point
  • Cost effective services
  • Incorporating our best sources for project execution
  • Ensure client’s comfortability

In the nutshell, we understand your requirements and are flexible enough to design our strategies as per your need. So it’s basically your thought and our execution.
We are well aware of how to spice up your customer’s experience by providing a feature rich and easily maintained app.

Your Technical Partner for Mobile App Development

Being in the business for almost 10 years we have garnered a reputation of serving as experts for your app services solution. To have a better picture of our Android App Development services, click here and take a thorough trip of the service.

Blackberry/Windows App Development: A Step Ahead to Your Growth

Before going for app development service, one needs to be aware of the benefits that it carries and the difference that it is going to make to your business. Getting Windows and Blackberry Development services carry their own advantages with them.

Due to the list of advantages offered by Blackberry, it has become popular among professionals and non-professionals as well. Blackberry application development offers following advantages:

  • The apps provide a lot of flexibility in the sense that it can be built on a number of platforms such as Java, MDS and J2ME.
  • It provides advantage of running applications in the background as it has the capability to blend closely with other platforms and applications
  • Some of the applications offer access to on device API’s which enables world class integration with important Blackberry applications.
  • Blackberry apps give user access to integrated and optimized app developed using Blackberry tools as well as Adobe Air, Adobe Flash and JavaScript and HTML5.
  • The Blackberry web-works platform fully supports modern web frameworks such as JQuery, Dojo , Sencha and PhoneGap.

Windows app development has gained momentum in terms of popularity due to the following advantages that they offer:

  • Windows apps are treated as “Live apps” that are integrated more deeply into social services, digital market and online mobile hubs. Windows has escalated the connectivity of these apps among users.
  • Windows phones offer excellent tools such as drag-and -drop in User interface which is one of the most important parts of mobile app development. Thus it becomes quite simple to create user interface with Windows. Such features save time of developer as well as client.
  • Another time saving feature in Windows app development is high speed emulators which are frequently used in app development.
  • Windows app stand among the top 50 apps of Microsoft app store. Thus the possibility of consideration of windows app as a featured app is high. This in turn makes it easier for users to utilize and access these apps.

SoftProdigy: Your Search Ends Here

At SoftProdigy we deploy our most skilled developers to work for high market driving important projects. The app developers offer the best app development service that opens the door to new opportunities for your business. Windows and Blackberry development services being the need of the time, have held a significant place in our projects.

Our robust approach does not only include designing and creating app, rather we design apps to make them more and more useful and advanced in terms of features. In this way we target to make them competitively strong and hold a significant market that is desired by any business. Also we ensure the comfortability of our clients during execution of our projects. We even stretch ourselves to deliver the project at time desired by you.

Looking for a mobile application development company to turn your conception into high-tech reality? We are here to assist you at any time.

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