Native and Hybrid Mobile App Development

Creating an app to cater to your business needs

With rising mobile users, mobile apps have become a solution for almost every kind of problem. Be it a simple app to find the things or an advanced critical app to manage your projects, mobile apps have always proved to be a blessing. All you need is to understand your business application development requirements and look for a partner that provides custom application development services to fulfil all your goals.

A Glance at the Glorious Past

Accolades to our name

Holding a glorious history in the mobile app development, we at SoftProdigy are trusted partners in providing a splendid solution to your native as well as hybrid app development requirements. From our years of experience, we have developed an understanding to imbibe your business objectives and translate your vision into a reality.

Throughout our journey from learners to professionals in the application development, we have been constantly evolving in terms of designing customized applications in the most appropriate time and nominal cost.

Your Vision, Our Skill

At SoftProdigy we understand the difference that an app can make to your business.

Over the years we have gained the confidence of our clients and we look forward to do same in future endeavors as well.

Pioneers in Mobile Application Development

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An App That Fits The Best

Whether to go for a native or a hybrid app for your business application development needs clear understanding of the benefits and challenges of both. We are here to help you to get a clear picture of both so that you can make a perfect choice.

Native app is built on native programming languages and makes full use of all device features. It includes following features and advantages:

  • The app supports specific mobile platform which could be either android or iOS, but not both.
  • It is the fastest of all the other types and interacts without any delay.
  • It provides you a wider option to run on multiple platforms thus providing good user experience.
  • Since the app has to get approval from app store, the user can be ensured of complete safety and security.

Hybrid app development as the name itself suggests, comprises a combination of both native as well as web app and thus reap the benefits of both. It brings with it the following features and advantages:

  • It can make use of device notification system and work offline as well.
  • Advantage of using the inbuilt features such as camera, accelerator etc. and thus delivers effective presentation.
  • A single update will fix app on all platforms.
  • Cost effective as its one time solution is compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Uses mobile’s own programming and keeps in sync with other apps such as GPS, camera and other device information.
  • It helps store some offline data as well. Thus helping customers in times of poor connectivity.

For our hybrid app development we have been utilizing one of the most efficient development tools. For instance PhoneGap which is a flexible, cross platform framework for building mobile application that fits for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire OS and many more.

What Makes Us a Trusted Partner?

The quality of our business application development services in the past has made a strong support for us to stand out and proudly take the responsibility to move further. Some of the areas that we have taken care include:

  • Applications in sync with your business requirements
  • Custom application development to achieve a competitive advantage
  • Quality oriented apps
  • Develop aesthetically and visually appealing applications
  • Engaging as well as interactive applications
  • Meeting deadlines for timely delivery
  • Maintaining client’s integrity
  • Incorporating latest technologies

We strive to bring to you our refined services in the most affordable way that matches your business levels.

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