Enterprise Mobility Services

It’s More Than Just Mobility

Technology carries along both pros and cons. When you are hiring employees, their devices also come along and that is much obvious. Staying in touch with employees while maintaining security of confidential data has become an enormous challenge that every business faces. Enterprise mobility is the process by which employees of an organization stay in touch with you through cloud services on their mobile devices. Thus it offers the best solution to optimize your resources in an effective manner.

Our Approach to Enterprise Mobility Services

Capabilities That We Posses

Our Approach to Enterprise Mobility Services

Being pioneers in IT mobility solutions, we have groomed ourselves in providing the most desirous business mobility solutions over years. Ourselves being into business for more than a decade, we understand the necessity of integrating mobility into the business process. Our passion to deliver a complete solution for business is what makes us to design our strategies for end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions.

We have established ourselves as leaders in the mobile application development and have evolved to provide customized enterprise solutions. With proud holders of proficient resources, we offer innovative solutions for a variety of platforms for robust enterprise mobile applications.

What Makes Us Stand out from the Rest?

  • Develop apps to suit your organizational structure
  • Easy operability and maintenance prioritized
  • Privilege to track status through regular reporting
  • Fully transparent communication at any point of time
  • Ensure security of data
  • Quality oriented but affordable cost
  • Time bound delivery
  • Client comfortability our responsibility

We Understand Your Requirements to the Core

Thus, enterprise mobility services have become mandatory for any aspiring business to stay ahead of race. We offer deployment of enterprise mobility applications through impeccable tools including IBM Worklight, Phonegap and Cordova. Give us an opportunity to serve and stay assured about the security of your data as well as maintain a healthy relation with your employee all the time by staying in touch.

Our Additional Strengths

Apart from offering mobility for enterprise we have also gained experience in providing flexible staffing solutions. Please click here to have a detailed look.

A Mobile App: Life of Every Business

Performance and security are the most targeted goals for any business. Mobility not only gives you benefits for your internal management but for client responsiveness too. You need to set standards for key area requirements and move forward to join hands with the loyal service provider.

  • Fulfils security requirements
    Security has remained a serious concern for both new and established business. The employees carrying efficient smart phones and laptops can pose serious threat to the privacy of your data as it just takes a click to transfer data. So if you don’t want any device to spill your beans, get the EMM solution at the earliest. Effective apps solve BYOD (bring your own device) and CYOD (choose your own device) issues.
  • Constant contact with your employees
    Gone are the days when you need to struggle hard to contact each employee. Now even if you are within workplace or away, you can easily stay in touch with your valuable employees. This holds same for employee as well. No matter from where they are doing their work, the files are going to be translated between devices and formats very easily.
  • Better productivity and efficiency
    Since you are in connection with your employees all the time from anywhere. Thus their queries or issues can be resolved at any time and won’t create any hindrance in the work. Any required resource would be just a click away. This in turn is going to save time and boost the productivity.
  • Reduces cost
    Having a single app with all the data and resources incorporated in it replaces the need for various other equipment. Thus in turn providing cost cutting on various devices.
  • Effective client communication
    Your customer can have you at his service all the time through his device. His queries, requirements and any other feedback is going to reach you instantly. That aids for immediate action before it gets too late. Thus it provides benefit of CRM (customer relationship management) to offer superior customer services.
  • Saves precious time
    The quick accessibility to customer as well employee queries is going to save huge amount of time. Quick access to mails at any corner and instant reporting from the employees becomes convenient through network. With increased coordination decisions can be made as well as implemented quickly.

Partner That You Are Looking For

The risk of corporate data to be leaked calls for a reliable outsourcing partner. The words of our previous clients is the proof of reliable and trustworthy services that we provide. We design and implement high quality mobility technologies to match your organizational demands. A complete solution to take care of your apps, devices and data. Along with IT mobility solutions, we even offer consulting through our knowledgeable consultants to help plan your strategy.

You don’t have to struggle to find a partner with the right approach anymore. We offer a complete portfolio of tools and services to satisfy your business mobility solutions. We are skilled with tactics such as password protection, encryption and remote wipe technology in case any device gets stolen. With a glorious past in the app development we have mastered ourselves in providing robust and technologically advanced elucidations. Give us an opportunity to embrace you with our finest services and go stress free about your mobile application management.

Looking for a skilled and efficient service provider to meet your mobile application management solutions? Here we are with a bunch of our polished services that you will not find anywhere else. Do you want to start a conversation?

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