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Expand Your Market by Porting

Porting to Android made Instagram gain 100 million users in just a few months. The figure is enough to understand the huge difference that app porting decision can make to your business. Applications for any kind of business is not a new concept. Everyday new applications are being floated in the market for one or the other purpose. When the applications are first created they are created as per a specific environment which is called the original platform. To make them compatible for other platforms, porting needs to be done.

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Evolution From Development to Migration

SoftProdigy has been the provider of the finest services to each and every client. Our assets include skilled staff proficient in delivering extraordinary products each time we were given the opportunity. The encouragement that we receive after satisfying our clients has made us even more confident and focused towards even better performance. With quest to assist our clients in the best possible way we have established ourselves as masters of mainframe migration.

A decade of our shining past and an accelerating present is progressing us towards a bright future. Understanding the need of time, we have gone beyond just development and have excelled in providing application migration services.

What Makes Us the Preferred Choice?

Due to our extraordinary services, we have garnered a reputation of the providers of the best mobile app porting services.

  • Applications developed in consideration to scope of migration
  • Ensure adherence to varied operating systems guidelines
  • Design strategies as per requirement
  • Ensure customer delight
  • On time delivery
  • Skilled resources
  • Clear communication
  • Cost effective services

To conclude, mobile app porting is pre-requisite for all kinds of business. If you want to take lead in the competitive market, then you cannot afford to have single platform specific applications. You need to stay updated with the growing trends and wider customer requirements. An application suited for multiple platforms is a boon for your business and user as well.

Other Areas of Our Expertise

A one stop solution for all your IT requirements, we at SoftProdigy are versed with development of native as well hybrid apps. click here to know in detail.

Why Your Application Should Be Portable?

The list of applications for every surviving business is increasing day by day. Same is the case with the variety of devices and their platforms. There is a whole lot of users for Android and iOS. Thus to come in contact with everybody, porting is the best way-out. Some reasons to help you comprehend the significance:

  • Wider range of target
    A wider range of platform corresponds to a wider range of customers. Of course when you adopt various channels to reach to your customers there will be a more probability for you to significantly earn larger returns.
  • Increase application quality
    Any application that is developed is incorporated with a lot of features. The amazing features are what contribute to the value of any application. One of the features is cross platform compatibility. This is what increases the value of application because the users can enjoy the usage even if the device needs to be changed.
  • Reduction in cost
    Rather than investing in creating new application from the scratch for various fields, already made application can be targeted to other platforms. This is going to give you maximum benefit in considerable lower cost. Thus the technical expert just need to make some changes to the code and the testing is followed later. This is going to save you a lot of hard earned money.
  • Increased ROI
    Every business investment is focused on good return. Return on investment (ROI) or the profitability ratio is definitely going to reach sky as your market area gets expanded to almost every sort of user.
  • Time saving
    If mobile app porting is done, it’s going to make a single application run over multiple platforms. Thus can hit multiple target with single shot. This is going to save your valuable time that you can utilize in some other productive activity.
  • Application modernization
    An investment made for application development should satisfy various business needs. Same holds true for application modernization. It comprises re-factoring, repurposing of legacy software programming to make it in line with present business requirements. Thus old applications are repurposed with legacy migration approach to cater to business needs within minimal budget.

Your Final Destination for Migration Services

The insight of the porting benefits is just not going to solve the purpose. Next challenge is to find a reliable and expert application migration service provider. Our skills have made us strong enough to claim ourselves to be among the best providers of the migration services. Being in a flourishing business ourselves, we understand what it means to touch every aspect of target. Thus our focus remains on giving you a much open space to spread your wings and reach up to heights that you have never gone till today.

We design our strategies to offer a complete range of services in order to fulfil your mobile app development requirements. A step towards porting is going to remove another obstacle that can hamper your business. Thus give your applications flexibility to shine among various platforms to be in line with the recent trend of business. We possess the maturity to understand your requirements and design our strategies to deliver the services that you always desire. Let a wide range of prospects know about your brilliant services and achieve the growth rate that you always aspire to have.

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