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Joomla: Transforming the World of CMS with Newer Tech Updates

10 Sep, 2019
Joomla website development company India

The world of content management has taken a solid shape when the Joomla was introduced as the open source content management system in the 2005. Since then, Joomla has been considered as the best content management system by billions of users worldwide. With nearly 2 million websites in the whole world, Joomla is gradually extending, day by day. From the very first version in 2005 to the latest versions of today, Joomla has touched great heights as a competent CMS.

The latest version, Joomla 3.9 was just introduced in the April 2019 and it delivers some awesome design features, easy-to-use content editing & publishing tools, Joomla essentials, great core functionalities, and many more newly updated features contributed by countless developers.

Joomla 3.9 provides you the global and professional support, containing extended documentation, integrated help system, professional service providers, & helpful forms to solve your problems of content management and publishing, in every single manner. So, basically, it has everything that it takes to be the best content management system.

With the scope of digital market getting bigger and bigger, the availability, flow, and usage of content is way too overloaded that makes it tad difficult for non-technical people to handle their websites and blogs with ease.

However, being as an open source CMS for publishing web content, Joomla is free to use and is a handy CMS! It allows you to handle your content without seeking help from professional Joomla developers India every time you want to publish something.

Here are a few straight points that make Joomla the most successful CMS platform for all categories of websites:

(1) It provides an out-of-the-box SEO (Search Engine Optimization), helping the user grab a good rank in the search engine results!

(2) It is user-adaptable CMS that helps in the creation of blogs, business & community websites from simple to complex mode according to the user’s needs

(3) Its flexibility and free-to-use availability is suitable for all sorts of users

(4) The user, cache, & menu management where you can add as many groups, menus, & caches with access control list

(5) Thousands of extensions & templates fit into your website space, suitably

(6) Helpful for developers as well as web agency in shaping their sites using Joomla developers India effectively

(7) Improvement in Joomla by many of our hardworking developers all over the globe

(8)Useful in security and data storing means for our users

(9) User-friendly system, hassle-free from everyone’s perception whether its family, school, community, or business groups. It fulfills everyone’s need.

Joomla is the fourth most dominating CMS in the web development industry with some acclaimed awards under its logo, also tagged as best content management system.

Joomla is used widely by many large-sized websites such as corporate, small business sites, magazines, newspapers, government, ecommerce stores, online reservation websites, community-based school & college portals, family & homepages, and many more!

Everyone here is working trustfully with the Joomla developers India. So, if you or your organization is looking for the proclaimed content with affection in its work then SoftProdigy is the right hand to count on! We are a proclaimed Joomla website development company India delivering our best services to provide exceptional results, instantly.

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