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There is no denying that among all the factors that are required to make your business a success, the one which is most important is having a skilled resource to work for you. It is not difficult to hire a number of persons, but what is difficult is to hire the skilled person.

In the competitive market, one cannot afford to make a single mistake with unskilled workforce as one wrong step can push you miles back.

Thus the best way out is to go for staffing solutions with a third party who possess an eagle’s eye to look for right resource for you. This mechanism is called staff augmentation or subcontracting.

Staff augmentation services aid in the following ways to achieve your business objectives:

  • Flexible business solutions
  • Control over resource allocation
  • Cherry pick the right skills
  • Can attain huge business benefits
  • Leverage new technologies with ease

We at Soft Prodigy are pioneers in providing staff augmentation services especially US staffing solutions by understanding your business needs and requirements. We take the responsibility to provide the resources of defined capability that will keep you ahead of the race in the enormously growing business market.

What We Have Got for You

Being professionals in providing staffing solutions, we have developed an understanding for the appropriate skills suiting your projects. We have segregated our staff augmentation services into following groups:

Staffing Service

Contract staffing

It serves best at the times of emergency when the work load increases up to a certain limit and there is utmost requirement of a skilled staff for a specific project. The contract can be of varying duration and is also subject to renewal if required.

Onsite Staff Augmentation Services


On-site hiring implies that the employee is hired at the company’s office or work place and he or she is supposed to work there only. The employer has to arrange for the resources for the employee to work, but it carries a benefit of maintaining privacy.

outsourcing staffing services

Employee hosting

It allows the company to hire new skilled or ex-employees on contract basis. In case of hiring of ex-employees, the company has a benefit that the employee is already aware of the client’s working style and disciplines. So in case you have diagnosed an immensely valuable candidate, we provide you the way to hire.

Offsite Staff Augmentation Services


It involves hiring the employees to work at an off-site location. The employer just have to outsource his requirement to us, and we’ll do the rest. The employer is saved from spending his resources on a new employee and also gets to save a lot of time and money.

We hold a proud history of providing affordable staff augmentation services to the clients in all the categories mentioned above to enhance your performance quality and in turn escalate your growth figures.

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Why Choose Us to Augment Staff?

Staff augmentation is obligatory for any business that aspires to grow in a refined way. Digging out the best personal to work for you has its own advantages. We bring to you the following reasons that we fulfil to help you in deciding us to be your business partners in augmenting staff:

  • Reduce burden by providing you with quality resources.
  • Allowing you to strategically fit resources as per your current needs without having to spend time and effort on hiring able individuals.
  • Help by expanding your capabilities, skills and competencies by increasing your team strength with the right resources and enables you to reap quality, efficiency, flexibility.
  • Hiring in consideration to past credentials and work done.
  • Saving you cost and effort spent in hiring, housing, and maintaining a team, especially if it is a short term project.

Doing It the Way You Require

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Augmentation is customer centric and comprises the following steps:

Engagement: We being the trusted partners give utmost importance in maintaining the privacy of our clients. The beginning of our process includes non-disclosure, Non-Compete and Master Service Agreements in black and white.

Selecting Services and Team: We first develop a thorough understanding of your project and potential requirements. Afterwards we make a refined list of candidates by keeping in mind the skills and attributes that are desired. We offer our vast portfolio of services to you and allow you to shortlist the services and team suiting you the most.

Choosing Technologies: It’s your call as to what technologies and methods you want to incorporate during the project. The client is given the liability to choose the methods as per his own availability and affordability of resources and time. Then a team based on required credentials can be selected.

Choosing Roles: After shortlisting the candidates, various roles such as Project Manager, Team Lead, Developer, Tester etc. are also designated as per the individual’s level of competencies for the effective and hassle free delivery of services

Determining the Methodology to be followed: We don’t leave you alone with your implementations. In fact we stay connected and work in collaboration with you in the process of successful implementation of services.

Establishing the Ground Rules for Communication and Infrastructure Plan: Not only this we assist you in the various mechanisms and processes such as the what should be the mode of communication, hours of operation.

Preparing Team: We also aim at team building while hiring resources. We ensure that skills should be up to date and so does their training. So that an effective team is built to serve the needs.

Thus our approach is entirely focused on your needs and specificities. We have never disappointed our clients and their contentment can be judged from their growth figures.

What Our Clients Say?

“Dear SoftProdigy, Srinivasan has been a key contributor to the project. Despite having no background of project he started contributing so quickly. I am really impressed with his technical skills and grasping power. He was a kind of mentor for the team. I really appreciate the contribution and would like to thank for all the support during this period. If he keeps up with the pace of learning, I am confident that he is going to be a champ in the iOS world. We will miss him and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”



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