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If PHP rings a bell for you, Laravel can be the best pick for your next development project! Released in the year 2011, Laravel is growing older but, as they say, it is aging like wine.

Released in the year 2011, Laravel is growing older but, as they say, it is aging like wine.

With newer versions and constant new releases, Laravel has proved out to be one of the best PHP frameworks of today. What makes Laravel stand out from the crowd is it’s adaptation to the advanced technology, simplicity of coding, faster development, and much more!

This is the reason why there is a great demand of a reputed Laravel development company in India.

If you’re planning to hire Laravel developer, your search ends at SoftProdigy, the best Laravel development company in India! With the team of Laravel experts, you can rest assured to tap the best Laravel development services around you.

Want to know what makes Laravel one of the preferred development platforms?

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SoftProdigy’s team of battle-hardened Laravel experts have been experimenting with this unique platform since the time of its release and so, they know every nerve of it!

So, if you’re planning on building a website with a robust online presence, high-quality UI/UX, and MVC architectural pattern, Laravel is your best call! Here is why you should choose Laravel combined with SoftProdigy’s Laravel development services:

  • Laravel comes with Bundled features that allow developers to add easy extensions to the app.
  • With the help of modular packages, the development gets easy for the developers.
  • Whatever project you’re working on can be adequately tested with the help of unit testing. This covers a number of tests to get rid of any drawbacks and bugs in the project.
  • Laravel allows stress-free coding with its regimented coding feature that helps developers maintain unique files for SQL codes.
  • It is always easy to customize the project based on the Laravel framework.
  • With these features and so many others, the Laravel proves out to be one of the greatest choices for the web development based on MVS architectural structure. So, hire dedicated Laravel developer from the proficient team at SoftProdigy and work wonders for your web development project.


Laravel extension development

When it comes to client needs and requirements the Laravel experts at SoftProdigy work beyond limits to make things work. We believe in exploring Laravel and other technologies to their depths to provide advanced Laravel extensions. So, availing our Laravel development services can prove out to be your best bet!

Laravel app development

As a recognized Laravel development company, we have worked on numerous Laravel projects throughout the span of our working. So, we offer failsafe and high-quality Laravel solutions through our proficient Laravel development services. We also offer services to develop customized Laravel apps for businesses as per the needs and requirements of the clients.

Laravel maintenance and support

We believe in sticking by the side of our clients till and whenever they need us! This is why we don’t consider our work done after the delivery of the web development project. We offer services for Laravel maintenance and support to keep our clients satisfied with our services and keep them away from any hassles coming in the future. Thus, as a Laravel development company, we work with complete professionalism and prioritize our customers.


The Laravel experts at SoftProdigy have decoded what it takes to make your web applications worth it, using Laravel. We are hired by our clients because we learn about businesses, their needs, their goals, and their audience before starting with the development work.

SAll our development work is done keeping in mind all these details about our clients and their business. This is the reason why we deliver just the right solutions to every business problem related to web development. Our Laravel development services are affordable, accurate, and delivered by learned experts, so, our customers are always 100% satisfied.

With expertise in Laravel, our developers build robust and clean codes, write APIs for high-quality web development and code maintenance. We make our best programmers to combine their efforts for better and faster web development and thus, deliver the best results. We ensure highest quality web app development with our experience and better understanding of the source code.

In short, if you’re on a lookout to hire Laravel developer in India, you can seek SoftProdigy for complete satisfaction and best results.

SoftProdigy is a reputed organization delivering state-of-the-art web development and other IT solutions. We have been in business for more than 12 years now and over these years, we have only improved our knowledge and work patterns. Thus, serving clients with nothing but the best!

Laravel? Trust no one but the learned experts!

Our extensive knowledge about structural architecture patterns, MVC development, and experience with the latest Laravel versions, SoftProdigy can be your best option to hire expert Laravel developer.

If you want to hire Laravel developer in India, we’re right here – just a tap away!