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Blockchain is a technology ready to revolutionize the future of financial sector. Blockchain software development companies call it a medium that one can use digitally for establishing the ownership of currency, objects, and information, etc. But this does not help people understand it?

     So What is Blockchain in Simple Words?

Blockchain is actually a digital ledger used for keeping records of all types of transactions. It is more secure as compared to the traditional security system deployed throughout the banking industry in all parts of the world. Once the transaction is initiated, it secures users’ information and makes it hard to add, delete or make changes. So it is a solid reason why we advise you to hire a Blockchain developer.

How Does Blockchain Work?

Blockchain development companies call it the revolution changing the way we transact. The technology has successfully created market for itself that is expected to reach the milestone of $2.3 billion by 2021.

It is actually a chain of blocks appended together. These chain blocks are responsible for carrying all of the information related to the transactions. We advise you to embrace it because the use of hash key in it makes it very secure. This hash key is available to all transaction owners and gets encoded in the next block to prevent any alteration in transactions.

How SoftProdigy is Adding Value to Businesses as Blockchain Software Development Company?

We house the team of expert Blockchain developers capable of analyzing your requirements to make sure this powerful technology caters to your business needs.

Now it is high time for you to do some thinking in this regard and see our services that you can hire Blockchain developers for:

     Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Integration

The number of online retailers accepting Cryptocurrency as payment for shopping is going up only. It is because it encodes all the information to maintain the privacy of transactions. Many businesses are already making money with it. In case you also want to make money for your business, create your own Blockchain.

     Development of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

It is a secure medium to exchange Cryptocurrencies with other currencies. This is where Blockchain technology proves its actual power. It secures the data privacy and enhances the transaction speed significantly. Hire Cryptocurrency developers get Cryptocurrency exchanges for transacting data thousands of data blocks within blink of an eye!

     Cryptocurrency Transaction Management

This digital ledger based on block of chains makes use of the Hash key that gets encoded in the next block. It keeps record of all the transactions and keep them digitally secure. This decentralized ledger makes all transactions time stamped and adds every transaction to the ledger with mining. Since decentralization is its specification.

     Development of BOT for Steemit Platform

Social Cryptocurrency give away is the latest trend for business growth on digital front. Businesses are now giving Cryptocurrency to social media users for engaging with their post or answering their questions. All this has become reality through Bot Development for Steemit platform. For this purpose, you will need to hire Cryptocurrency developers.

Blockchain Consulting

Businesses need time to understand the ways and reasons to deploy Blockchain. The list of reasons could include in-depth understanding about finance trading of domain, initiating the process of payment, relevant management, and demonstrations. So, you will need to hire Blockchain developers and seek their valuable advice in this regard.

Development of Steemit and Ethereum Based Blockchain Applications

Steemit is a social media platform known for paying content creators and curators. On the other hand, Ethereum is an open source platform software. Both Steemit and Ethereum are based on Blockchain technology. Developers use Blockchain to create and deploy Steemit and Ethereum applications that are decentralized.

Setting Up Servers That Act As Blockchain Nodes or Witnesses

Servers are the spine of Blockchain network. They act as Nodes or Witnesses. But you have to setup servers that act as nodes or witnesses. The whole process is lengthy and complex in itself. Therefore, you will need to hire Blockchain development experts to carry out the whole process without any hassles.

How Our Blockchain Developers Will Help Your Business Grow

The security system deployed in traditional banking system invites hackers and fraudsters because of loopholes in it. On the other side, Blockchain reduces this risk to a huge extent with decentralization and encoding of information related to users and transactions. Blockchain does all this using hash key. Therefore, we hire Blockchain developers having the wealth of experience to make sure our Blockchain development solution benefits your business as well customers.

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