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Latest advancements are revolutionizing the entire e-commerce industry. You need to rub shoulder with such a rapid change in flow of wind. Businesses are opting for extensions/plug-ins and modules for taking their e-commerce websites and stores to the next level of success.

Are you taking it lightly? If yes, you are committing a blunder leading your e-commerce website or store towards a disaster. Do you want this to happen?

This is where we prove our metal on a daily basis! We provide high quality extension/plugin and module development services in the category of Magento/Woo-Commerce/Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress.

We Are a Dedicated and Competitive Team of Extensions/Plug-Ins and Module Development Professionals

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in India, SoftProdigy has established its reputation in the domain of Extension/Plug-in & Module Development. We rub shoulders with fast changing e-commerce industry and incorporate innovation to our knowledge base to deliver perfect WordPress plugin development services.

We house a team of professionally dedicated, committed and practiced designers, coders and developers. Commitment to incorporating supreme professional approach and character in work sets SoftProdigy on top of the fierce industrial competition.

Some Integral Features of Our Professional Character: Incorporation of the latest innovations.

  • Aggressive and progressive approach towards productive project progress.
  • Implementation of the best extension/plug-in and module development practices.
  • Our productive knowledge related to the entire product development lifecycle.
  • Customer centric engagement model.
  • In-depth project analysis for overcoming any challenge to exceed your requirements and expectations.
  • Commitment to delivering promised consumer delight, integrity, trust and the best quality solutions with fully strategic research.
  • Productive communication via Skype, E-mail and basecamp.
  • Dedicated support professionals are available to answer your queries 24*7

SoftProdigy serves you with nothing but the best. Since inception in 2006, this progressive approach has always been the part and parcel of our success methodology.

We wish you to be the most important and productive part of our success story.

Some Vital Ingredients of Our Success Recipe:

With over 95% client retention rate, SoftProdigy is a reputed company of rigorously tested and trained industry professionals striving consistently towards helping businesses achieve their desired level of corporate success and other business objectives with secure, scalable, affordable, simplified and effective extension/plugin and module development services across the globe.

We aim to be your one-stop shop for all of your extension/plug-in and module development related services mentioned below:

Woocommerce Plugin Development:

We have what it takes to add to the success level of your affiliate programs. SoftProdigy Woocommerce Plugin development outfit can develop useful Woocommerce extensions/plugins such as Pay Junction, Card Save and PayPal Pro etc. for your e-commerce website. Using our experience and expertise, we turn your e-commerce website into a bucket full of rich features with Woocommerce plugin development services.

Magento module Development:

We work with a lot of motivation for your delight. At SoftProdigy, we champion state of the art technology to develop Magento based custom extension/Plug-in and modules to extend and enhance the functionality of your digital store for better consumer experience and high returns, optimized profits and much more. Additionally, we provide Magento module development services.

WordPress Plugin Development

We set-up your e-commerce store and simplify and automate the entire digital sales process with extension/Plug-in and modules developed by us. We get your e-commerce website noticed on Google.

Drupal Module Development:

Apart from Magento module development services, At SoftProdigy, our practiced experts dedicate their experience to developing Drupal extensions/plugins and modules to add functionality to your e-commerce website without coding or creating a new module again. We also develop Tools that ensure great experience for your consumers.

Joomla Custom Module Development:

In addition to the Drupal module development services, Since inception, we combine e-mail marketing and help desk system into one and work around the clock to excel in the domain of custom extension/plug-in and module development in Joomla.

We Have Much More Than You Can Ever Anticipate. Take a Look!

Simplicity is the best way to building reliability, integrity and consumer trust. We are always progressive towards deploying our digital expertise for your corporate profit through reliable extension/plug-in and modules.

This is why we firmly focus on combining our experience, skillset, resources and business know-how to establish our local and global clients on top of the competition in the digital world.

Therefore, SoftProdigy design development and coding experts dedicate their focus to the development of custom extension/plugin and modules to help your business get the following advantages:

  • Experience of more than 10 years.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility Assurance.
  • Custom extension/Plug-in and module development in Magento, Woocommerce, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.
  • Hardcore expertise in Magento, Woocommerce, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress for the development of extension/Plug-in and modules.
  • Significant increase and improvement in business repetition is witnessed because of better shopping experience for consumers.
  • Economical global delivery model.
  • Innovations, latest and state of the art technology and the best development practices are executed to perfection for the development of extension/plug-in and module you need.
  • Development of influential widgets to enhance your e-commerce website or store.
  • Innovation is designed and developed to perfection on digital front.
  • Custom security for the information of your customers.

The number here doesn’t describe and justify our caliber and commitment to work towards enhancing your professional relationship with us.

Strategic Extensions/Plug-Ins and Module Development Practices for Proliferating Your Profit

Every designer, developer and coder at SoftProdigy takes a pledge for maintaining proper communication with you. They work in tandem and do the right thing to satisfy your expectations and requirements in the best possible manner.

In addition to the WordPress Plugin development, our developers work smart and provide accurate and in-depth project analysis depicting possible challenges and everything needed to make it successful. Their professional expertise in answering your complex queries to perfection speaks volumes about their ability to implement customer centric engagement model and complete any project using their product development lifecycle knowledgebase. You can come to us anytime for project related economical, influential and essential process automation services. They specialize in Drupal module development.

All this description is merely an icing over the cake.Do you want to know what extra we do for you?

Let’s get connected and see the magic!

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