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A wakeup call!

What are you doing to take your business online or digital? Sitting idle and sipping coffee? Honestly, this lackadaisical approach won’t help at all! You need to rub shoulders with time to avoid a business disaster.

Need reasons? Facts don’t lie! Take a good look below:

  • Do you know E-commerce is consistently marking rapid growth in the international business market?
  • In 2014, most of the global e-commerce platforms generated the revenue of $1.234 trillion. With time, this amount increased up to $1.922 trillion.
  • In the time to come, it is expected to reach the amount of $2.357 trillion with 9.9% world population expected to opt for e-commerce platforms by 2018 to get their needs fulfilled.
  • In 2014, E-commerce world recorded the sales of almost $1344 billion with 35% consumers preferring mobile for transactions.

Now think about the amount of revenue or business opportunities you could easily generate through your custom designed e-commerce website or a mobile application.

The best advice:

Don’t wait! This is the only best advice for you to follow as a Custom designed e-commerce website and a mobile application compatible with various operating systems can take your business to the new heights of success. Therefore, consider having a custom designed e-commerce website or a business application to corner a market as they can easily prove to be perfect custom e-commerce solutions catering to your business needs.

Remember, haste makes waste!

Patience is the key to success! What do you make of this simple English phrase? Your brain works at a lightning speed and acts as the production house of ideas. What should you do when you have a brilliant idea about developing an e-commerce mobile app or a website? You should go ahead with it. Right? No! Why? Simple, developing such an idea into a capable, functional and robust e-commerce mobile application or a website is not a cakewalk. It takes time because E-commerce mobile app development and website development procedure is very lengthy and complex in every sense.

Our expertise in developing cost effective e-commerce mobile apps and website solutions in the following categories is our esprit de corps.

Hire Magento Certified Developers


More than 261,477 modern day e-commerce websites are using Magento. Almost 3262 websites have been listed among top one million websites in Alexa rankings. Magento mobile apps are SEO friendly and offer flexibility, scalability, and support for mobile commerce. Moreover, our community of developers offers free open source code to help you.

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shopify development solutions


Our development team takes pride in developing a Shopify ecommerce platform that offers customization of your entire store. We deploy our professional experience and creativity to ensure advantages such as Foolproof Data security, complete control of HTML and CSS with support for more than 70 platforms including PayPal for all of the clients from every corner of the world at affordable prices.

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Hire Magento Certified Developers

Extension/Plug-in & Module Development

This is certainly a new dimension in the domain of e-commerce website development. Are your visitors complaining about too many ads? Is your e-commerce website (Drupal, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify) missing an extension/plugin & module being provided by your competitors? We add extra custom features in your Magento based e-commerce website. We can easily extend the functionality of existing feature using our plugin and Module development services.

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WooCommerce development company


Woocommerce is a popular plugin for developing themes using Multidots. We integrate Google Analytics, Smart e-commerce tracking and offer simple offline and online payment methods like cash on delivery, cheque and payment to allow your store to sell anything and help you get full control of your business.

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custom e-commerce solutions

E-Commerce Maintenance & Support

We provide unique and cost effective E-commerce maintenance & support for Magento, Drupal, Woocommerce, Shopify and everything under one roof. If you are looking for something similar for enhancing the operations of your own e-commerce website, come to us. You will not regret your decision as we provide incredible support, quality and everything you may need.

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custom e-commerce solutions

Custom E-Commerce Solutions/ platforms

Don’t you think your business needs perfect custom e-commerce solutions which provide easy to use tools for reaching international customers for profitable sales through secure payment gateways? E-bay, Flipkart, Shopify, 3dcart etc. are some of its best examples. We make use of our full experience and add special features to your e-commerce website just the way you want them to be.

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The spice of our success

Why should you choose SoftProdigy for custom e-commerce solutions? The answer is as simple as ABC! SoftProdigy is an internationally famous Indian company promoting and implementing the best e-commerce solutions. We are ranked amongst the best e-commerce solution providers to help you boost your sales and record more financial profit to grow your business to reach more international customers across the globe. For over a decade, we have been utilizing our expertise and experience to provide custom e-commerce solutions based on Magento, Woocommerce, and Shopify etc. to help you grow your business online.

Why you would not regret your decision?

  • More than 250 extensions successfully functional across the world on e-commerce stores.
  • You get free support for one month after successfully purchasing extension from our store.
  • We are a Magento certified solution provider.
  • A free of cost Mag-track extension for mobile phones running on Android operating system allowing you to keep track of your sensitive business information through mobiles.
  • A group of skillful developers developing insightful Magento extensions catering to your online business requirements.
  • You are provided suitable and to-the-point solutions pertinent to your queries or requirements.
  • Clients are provided effective end-to-end solutions.
  • Our Magento extensions and themes help you customize your online store to perfection.

What Our Clients Say?

“I applaud and respect the attitude from the SoftProdigy team and their organization is always going above and beyond to help resolve the matters.”

Momin Rabbani

Emirates Apparel

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