Migration of Legacy to Modern

Why look for effective website migration services ?

Website migration is a process followed for transferring your website from one technology to another. This process is performed by migrating your website’s integral files to the new website host. This entire procedure is very complex in itself.

Coming back to the main issue, almost all of the businesses opt for competent website migration services for some serious reasons. You need to follow their footprints.


Making Impactful Difference in the World of Website Migration

Since 2006, we have been striving as a unit to offer cost-effective and latest services to help you migrate your website from one technology to another. We specifically aim to become not just another company offering website migration services. We ardently believe in implementing the best methodologies followed to migrate website to new host or platform.

SoftProdigy: A Trusted Provider of Website Migration Services

Incepted in 2006, trusted by thousands of websites, a sound track record, dedicated resources, commitment and years of experience ensure that your technology or website migration project is in a safe pair of hands.

24/7 Professional Support and Expert Advice

Constant availability of practiced professionals for proactive security and performance monitoring and enhancement of your website’s performance has always been our biggest objective while delivering the best services.

Development of a Personal Relationship

Since inception, maintaining uncompromising approach towards serving every client with nothing but the best has been our principal objective. We ardently believe in developing a personal relationship with every client to get established as their favorite and trustworthy website migration service provider.

Secure Migration of Your Website

As a responsible service provider to migrate websites to new host, we love taking the responsibility of ensuring secure, scalable, affordable, simplified, effective and impressive services for you to migrate your website from an old technology to the latest one.

Dependable and Cost-Effective Website Migration Services

We are a noted brand for providing affordable and scalable website migration services. At SoftProdigy, our services for the migration of your website from one technology to another are fully managed by one of the most sought after industry professionals.

SoftProdigy’s pool of experts excels in providing the following website migration services:

Classic ASP to MVC

Almost all of the businesses are realizing the potential of MVC. Technology is changing fast. Therefore, you need to migrate your website from Classic Asp to MVC. We have enough professional experience and resources to help you gain fully controllable HTML, CSS and JavaScript and control your website’s performance, behavior and much more.

Silverlight to HTML 5

Silverlight is a kind of advantage for adding interactivity whereas HTML 5 can be used everywhere which makes it more accessible. SoftProdigy experts offer extensive experience to help you migrate your website from Silverlight to HTML5.

Flash/Flex to HTML 5

Gone are the days of flash-based websites. Unlike HTML5, it is not compatible with devices like mobile, iPads or tablets etc. and does not allow interaction with content on your website. This is why users prefer HTML5 over Flash/Flex. Are you interested in migrating your website from Flash/Flex to HTML5? Don’t worry! We can help you with an unmatched expertise and experience.

MVC to Angular JS

Do you want to migrate your website from MVC to Angular JS? Do you want features like mobile gestures, animations, filtering, routing, data binding, security, globalization and beautiful UI components for your website? Our professional expertise, commitment and dedicated resources speak volumes about our capacity to provide unmatched website migration services.


Are you planning to migrate your website from ASP.NET to MVC? You can trust our experience to use it as a powerful technology for implementing UI via SAP (Software Architectural Patterns) to design website based applications. It helps your business survive and grow. Hurry Up!

Download Your Ebook

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Keeping Your Business a Step Ahead. But How?

Website <a class=”resource-link” href=”https://www.softprodigy.com/migrate-your-wordpress-website-to-a-new-host-or-server-with-an-expert”>migration to new host</a> or platform, makes it responsive, load faster and act as a perfect brochure for your business. Keeping your requirements in mind, we have strategically designed impeccable website migration services offering many advantages mentioned below to help you keep your business a step ahead from all of the industry players.

  • Smooth migration of content from one technology to another
  • Application of a simplified process for migrating coding files and automating routine back-ups
  • Unmatched improvement in the behavior and performance of your website
  • Strong presence on all of the major social media platforms in the world
  • Implementation of the best practices and sources for delivering the promise
  • Detailed assessment of existing and possible constraints and solutions
  • Effective, transparent and constant communication
  • Web-based applications and installation of plugins
  • Your website gets updated and becomes device friendly
  • Technical expert’s advice and analysis for guaranteed 100% uptime and satisfaction with cost-effective services.

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