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Custom Web Application Development

Realize the Potential of Custom Web Development Services

The entire corporate world is going online. In simple words, the corporate world is witnessing the wind of change.

Are you changing your mode of business? Are you taking your business online? Do you ever realize the advantage of taking your business online? What is the most effective way to take your business online? What if your current business website is not according to the latest trends or platforms? These are some very important questions that you need ask yourself.

In such a situation, you must realize the potential offered by the custom websites offering faucets like ease of use, high level of interactivity and attractiveness for the success and growth of your business. Moreover, updating a website developed using custom web development services is not a herculean task. The occurrence of lesser snags allows you to modify your website according to the requirements of your business.

Smart Solutions for Growing Businesses

In order to help you ensure the best browsing experience for your visitors, SoftProdigy provides nonpareil custom web development services in India.  All of our custom development services are based on quality and innovation.

We take immense pride in outsourcing custom web development in the following six categories: Web Development Company

ASP.NET Development

What makes ASP.NET framework so popular? Simple, this technology helps develop interactive websites offering dynamic features with significantly less coding needed for enhancing overall performance. Qualities such as ranking among top websites, Improved CMS, CRM etc. are also some major reasons.

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ruby on rails web development services

ROR (Ruby on Rails)

You need it. But why? Ruby on Rails is an MVC based free open source framework used for developing dynamic websites. It is easy to use and affordable for the development of web based applications and much more. Basecamp is its best example.

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open source development solutions

Open Source (PHP, etc.)

Do you know why almost 245 million active websites are based on open source (PHP etc.)? Flexibility, reliability, affordability and secure solutions offered to develop secure feedback forms, blogs, CRM and CMS system are just some of the reasons.

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angularjs development expert

Angular JS

Do you need a single page custom website and structural framework for the development of aesthetically appealing, engaging and interactive business website? For custom web development, Angular JS can help you increase the speed of your custom website’s development and testing procedure.

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java development services

Java Web Development

What makes java such a popular language is the development of almost 95% modern day social media and business websites using java runtime environment. Using Java extensively, companies like Facebook, Oracle, Upwork, You Tube etc. are developing complex architecture and frameworks.

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Migracy from legacy to modern

Migration Services

Does your website loads slowly? Is it too old? Has the purpose of your website changed? Do you want to update the content of your website and link it with social media platforms? We know every latest technique and technology for website migration from Silverlight to HTML5, MVC to Angular and much more.

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node.js development

Node JS

Ever wondered how Node JS can help you develop custom website for your business? It is a set of community driven open source modules compiling and executing JavaScript at a lightning speed. It is a brilliant alternative for complete website development and offers easy communication between Enterprise Applications and Ajax.

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sharepoint solutions


“Microsoft’s SharePoint Solution is a great development platform, allowing customization via supported extensibility models. With SharePoint, it’s possible to create all kinds of solutions that may be related to both automation and document flow of the company’s processes.”

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mongodb web service provider companies

Mongo DB

Ever wondered how Mongo DB can help you develop custom website for your business?As for mongo DB, it is easy to scale out and very effective for tuning and much more. It is useful for auto-sharding, rich queries in CMS delivery, Data hub and a lot more.

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Things We Offer to Wow Our Clients

Opting for SoftProdigy custom web development services offers many advantages to help you establish your business firmly in the market place. Following are the reasons for you to choose our services to get your custom website developed in India.


Let’s take a look at all of these advantages given below:


  • Profitable and result oriented experience of more than a decade.
  • Easier and quicker project related updates through e-mail and Skype.
  • Guaranteed, qualitative and affordable solutions pertinent to your specific business needs
  • A pool of highly practiced, affordable and professional developers, designers and coders.
  • Standout expertise at automating the entire business process.
  • More improved and profitable business opportunities for future.
  • Cinch, affordable and constant availability of professional assistance at every level.
  • Your website tops the search engine results for a longer period of time.
  • Our excellence lies in timely project delivery and Custom web development using latest techniques and software.
  • Successful completion of more than 200 projects.


At last, SoftProdigy custom web development services are a great medium for every business to ensure lead generation and business solutions relevant to your specific business requirements. This is where our pool of practiced developers can help you grow your business effectively.

What Our Clients Say?

“Team did very well and took control of the job and created a great website.”

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