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InfoCare Client Review About SoftProdigy

Jeff Sullivan

Mobile App
"Hi, my name is Jeff Sullivan. I am out here celebrating the recent release of our app InfoCare, I just wanted to say a couple of words about SoftProdigy. They did a fantastic job on releasing the app.Excellent job, everybody at SoftProdigy! Their communication is outstanding. I communicated with them via Skype and also, through e-mails they send me updates every day during the week. If ever there is a question, they’re available. They are always willing to jump on Skype for answering quick questions and I found that very useful. It made me feel confident in their communication with me. So, I can highly recommend these guys and I will definitely use them again for any other app that we’re planning on in the future and certainly for the current app maintenance for InfoCare. So, thanks again SoftProdigy."


Free Stock Images Source
"SoftProdigy team has been reading some useful on topic given articles pertaining to our industry. This helped draw attention of new visitors and followers on the website. In addition they were staying up to date with latest search engine updates and plan accordingly to make effective use of these updates and algorithms. Together, we steadily increased website’s rankings and customer traffic on stocktrekimages.com through various means. Overall I’m happy with the results of SoftProdigy’s efforts over past year. We hope they can continue their efforts to improve the presence of Stock Trek Images. Team’s work is much appreciated and I think you are!"
Client AKILI S.


Social Media Community
"I have been working with team over SoftProdigy for one of the website that we have been working for few months. I can only say good things about the team over there. From everyone we deal with Deepak to Nippy and every other person in the SoftProdigy team is wonderful people, very professional , get back to us in very timely manner. They are very patient. I am looking forward to continue our relationship to working with them in future. Good job guys."


Online Blood Test Lab
"Hi, my name is Michelle Burke and I work for personal Labs and we’ve been working with the Strategic Digital Marketing team at SoftProdigy for the last year. Emm…the content that we have from them is been fantastic. Their time management skills are great and they always let us know how everything is going and they are great asset to our team and we really appreciate everything that they do – Thanks!"
Handmade Paintings Client Review


Handmade Paintings
"SoftProdigy has done an excellent job. It's project has been extremely communicative, very clear with everything. The process has been quite pleasant. They have done everything within the time and managed the things pleasantly. The functionality and the design was made so perfect than my original designs. If something's isn't right, they do whatever it takes to make it correct, how it should be. It's been very pleasant to work with them overall and I believe the projects those are taking a little bit longer is going to be most exactly how in “vision green which language” which other team can sometimes be extremely a tedious process and With them the process has been very comply, helpful, very friendly. Just overwhelmed, very very professional and ya should be proud of them. Thank you."
Client BRYCE B.


Wrestling Website
"Working with SoftProdigy has been an awesome experience on web app. Every single day we come into the office, with plenty of feedback from the team which we feels quite great. We gave them a concept that we believe quite far from their comfort zone, but day after day the team has really worked hard to understand the concept of wrestling and we really appreciate that. The progress, design and animations you know is been really great and we just want to thank SoftProdigy for everything they have done so far and we really look forward to work with them in future."

Clare Brown

Banking Firm
"Hello, my name is Clare. I work for Nextcredit in the UK. We’ve been working with the SoftProdigy team in India for two years now. They’ve been assisting us for the design and development of our website, an online application system as well as supporting us with their CI – Continuous Integration services. They’ve always taken time to understand our business needs and they’ve always proven to be efficient and professional. We have no problem in recommending their services. "
Real Esate Client Phil B.


Real Estate
"Based on feedback ratings, previous projects and skills available, we appointed SoftProdigy, and that having considered similar proposals from around 50 agencies. It was a pleasure to work with SoftProdigy."
SharePoint Solutions Client Review


SharePoint Solutions
"Your work has made a massive impact in the way we connect with our clients. We look forward to a continued and growing relationship with SoftProdigy."


Social Media Community
"SoftProdigy suggested strategies around how we could use Open Source instead of developing from scratch, which saved us a lot of money."
Cleint DOUG D. Reviews


Business Management Consultant
"No one other than SoftProdigy had the expertise, experience, and capability. Their design services are world class."
Client PAUL B.


Online Food Delivery
"One of the best things that happened to me this year was finding SoftProdigy and eventually working with the team that has been hands on in both communication and of course taking care of the coding and the report offering."
Client FRANK I.


Computer IT Solutions
"They have always been very professional and have delivered as promised. I recommend SoftProdigy to other people who are looking for development partner located in India."