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How to Choose the Best Hybrid App Development Framework in 2021?

How to Choose the Best Hybrid App Development Framework in 2021?
The number of smartphone users worldwide is 3.8 Billion, which is 48.53% of the world’s population. Fascinating, isn’t it? What fascinates us more is the fact that how quickly and vastly businesse...
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What Makes Flutter a Silver Bullet for Cross-Platform App Development?

Choosing Google’s Flutter for Mobile App Development
Are you planning to launch a cross-platform mobile app but still in a dilemma – which framework is best for it? Well, the best Flutter app development companyin the U.S believes that Flutter wou...
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21 Innovative Start-up App Ideas to Work on in 2021

Innovative app ideas for 2021
Coming up with a million-dollar app idea is not easy. The concept of the app is the most important part that can be the precursor to its success. 2020 has been a roller coaster year. It started off pr...
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SoftProdigy is the Clutch Global Award-Winner 2020

We did it! We are listed in the Clutch 1000
In this ever-competing and evolving age, it takes a lot to stand out and carve your own niche. An agency needs to be prolific in order to shine brighter and project a prominent image in the industry. ...
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How Retailers can Capitalize on Black Friday Sales by Hiring Mobile App Development Services

Building and launching a mobile app during the Black Friday Sale Season
Thanksgiving is around the corner and retailers look forward to Black Friday with a characteristic mix of excitement and anxiety. The event is firmly placed on the US calendar and is regarded as even ...
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Halloween Celebration is not dead in 2020 – Spooky Apps Take Over the Town

react native halloween theme app
If there’s one holiday that is all about pure fun, it’s Halloween. The spooky season is upon us already and kids are feeling the excitement they always do around this time of the year. But there...
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Why You Should Choose Flutter to Ramp-up Your Mobile Apps

flutter for mobile apps
Flutter, based on Dart programming language, is a framework by Google which is great for building mobile apps that meet the needs of the future market. It has been voted as the second most popular cro...
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Kotlin App Development is Ushering in the New Era of Android Apps

Kotlin programming language: Preferred for Android app development
Kotlin is an open-source, general-purpose, statically-typed programming language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming. Conceived in 2010, it is not a new language and has...
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The New Update Making React Native the Framework of Choice in 2020

React Native: The New Update and How it is Changing the Game
Introduced by Jordan Walke on Facebook in 2015, React Native has reinvented the way mobile applications are developed for various platforms. React Native framework was created for simple app developme...
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Mobile App Development: The Emerging Trends to Keep Track Of

Mobile App Development Trends To Follow Next
The last decade has seen an explosion in terms of mobile apps being developed and used. With increasing adoption of mobile phones and personal devices, more and more people are using apps for their ev...
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