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How to Develop a Progressive Web App with React? A Complete Guide

steps to develop a progressive web app
Are you planning to build a new web application for business? If you do not consider a Progressive Web App (PWA), you will be at a loss. Everyone in the web app development industry is talking about P...
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6 New Features Coming to Android this Holiday Season

New Android features in 2022
When it comes to the mobile market, Android is undoubtedly the king. According to Statista, it has maintained the top position as the leading mobile operating system in the world, with a 73% market sh...
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Building a Ride-sharing App like Uber: Everything You Need to Know

An ultimate guide to creating a taxi booking Hyperlocal app.
The on-demand apps development industry is growing at the fastest pace. It is because the industry focuses on catering to the needs and demands of customers.  Currently, numerous industries depen...
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Building a Hyperlocal Sports Streaming App: How to Choose the Right Tech Stack?

Choosing the right tech stack for your hyperlocal sports app
With the changing time, the market also changes to keep up with the current needs and demands.   Gone are the days when people used to buy groceries and other essentials from local retailers. But...
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Switching from Java to Kotlin: Why do Businesses do this with examples?

Is Kotlin a better choice for Android app development than Java?
After the announcement of Kotlin as the official language for Android app development, many people have shown their interest. It has caused a commotion in the Android app development industry, with so...
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Flutter: Why is it a Trend Setter in the Mobile App Development Industry?

A walk through the hottest trends in Flutter app development
The ecosystem of technological advancements is at its peak. We have access to numerous frameworks, programming languages, libraries, and tech stacks that it becomes challenging to choose one.  Se...
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