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A Useful Guide to Web Scraping and Its Uses

website scraping tool
If you’ve ever copied and pasted data from a website, you’ve performed the same task as any website scraper. But you did it only on a microscopic and manual scale. Today in this article, we are go...
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10 Best PrestaShop Practices to Enhance Security of your E-store

The concept of e-commerce stores has rapidly grown over the years, nearly crowding the digital space with countless e-commerce stores! With so many options available for the customers, they are usuall...
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What Makes Laravel the Best PHP Framework for Big Enterprise Apps

Every enterprise dreams to sit on the throne as the best among their league for which they need to expand their services using the best technology. Web applications are necessary to enhance your brand...
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Benefits & Challenges of Salesforce & Drupal Integration

Drupal is a solid, and an all-encompassing Content Management System (CMS) tool on its own, but when coupled with effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce, you will b...
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SoftProdigy’s Tax Monitor System: Managing the Tax Litigations Conveniently

Do you own a large business organization? Well. Stop right there and read on as I have something for you that can make your life quite easy! Managing and organizing the whole workflow of a large busin...
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Drupal Developers are in Demand to Make Alluring and Influential Enterprise Websites

Drupal is a highly demanded open source software that has been specifically designed for the content management system (CMS) framework, having exceptional characteristics, thereby, standing unique amo...
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